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GT-I5800 updated and lost 3g :( help?Support

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  1. davelee

    davelee New Member

    i did just put this somewhere else but i think it was the wrong section... sorry. so here goes again copy and pasted

    i have just updated my samsung apollo, GT-I5800 here in the uk to android version 2.2 froyo I5800XXJP4 via kies it looked as tho it crashed at first but after waiting and re booting a few times it finally worked. all but my 3g, any ideas how to get it working? everything else is on the phone still... maybe i shoud resend mms/net settings?

    cheers for looking


    also i got wireless working so everything works with it on just not when its off

  2. salhilam

    salhilam New Member


    WCDMA is 3G. If you have mobile data flowing, and WCDMA is displayed, then you are on a 3G network.

    try this : go to Applications>settings>Wireless and Network>Mobile Network settings>Network Mode ; Then choose WCDMA

    Good Luck

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