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  1. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    is it just me or does anybody else have trouble connecting their note to kies via usb cable?.

    connects fine over kies air but not happy with the very limited functions of air, so wanted to connect to pc version of kies.

    tried all different ways for example usb debug task killing etc.... but still get the same error

    reconnect device in samsung kies (pc studio) mode.

    anyhelp would be most appreciated as im still not sure weather any updates will come via kies or through about phone/software update as other people have mentioned getting updates recently for gingerbread but i havent had any since i bought my note 3 month ago.

  2. skywalker28

    skywalker28 Member

    I have the EXACT 'issue' :mad: - love your thread title :)
  3. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    I had issues with mine.
    I had to ensure Disable USB debugging Mode was un-ticked for it to work with Kies PC software.

    Also, on one of the PCs I had to do the following:
    Disconnect the phone
    Open Kies
    Got to Tools -> Troubleshoot Connection Error
    Restart PC

    The connection error trouble shooter removes and re-installs the drivers and things. It may not explicitly tell you to restart the PC but I did anyway just in case. All worked fine after that.

    On the updates front I got all of my updates OTA, including one a couple of days ago that was mentioned here. I'm in the UK.
  4. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    well quick update.....using an old netbook on xp finally managed to get note and kies to let bygons be bygons and start getting along with one another ;-)...however kies is now saying "your device does not support software upgrading via kies" im like wtf!!!
    so i don't get updates via OTA (as people have been talking about recieving updates to gingerbread but not me ????)
    and kies is saying i won't get them that way either....
    i am seriously getting close to putting my bloody note up on ebay and buying a tried and tested (dare i say it) ip4s.
  5. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply chris198810.

    but i have issues with step 2 of your post,
    when i goto menu/settings/about phone there is no USB settings option, only place i can find one on phone is under wireless and network settings and even then it will only allow me to swith to usb storage settings, cannot find kies under any usb settings anywhere!!!!!!!!!!
  6. mobi323

    mobi323 Active Member

    Me too!!!
  7. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    i think a lot will depend on what carrier/country etc we are from...mine is an unlocked uk version.
  8. whitiangabaynz

    whitiangabaynz New Member

    I too have no usb settings in my menu I'm from New Zealand but my note is a parell import so not sure which country its from
  9. mobi323

    mobi323 Active Member

    I had to give up on Kies via USB. I just updated my phone OTA.
  10. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    well i too have given up trying to connect my note to kies via usb.
    however i am not recieving updates through ota either so guess ics (whenever that maybe lol) is just a pipe dream for me :(
  11. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    I bought my note yesterday and had this same issue at first. Even re-installed Kies and Drivers to no avail. However while browsing the settings menu of my note I found the option to connect to "Kies via WiFi". I tried this and indeed, my phone connected successfully.
    A short while later I had disconnected from Kies wifi but Kies was still running on the PC, I connected my phone using the USB cord with the sole intention of charging it. What do you know, but kies registers the phone almost instantly.

    If anybody is having issues, try this... don't know if it will work for anyone else or if it was just a happy coincidence, but can't hurt to try :).

    - R4nd0mJ0k3r
  12. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    While I had a few issues with the Nokia PC suite it did seem to work a lot better than kies and have many more options and be far more flexible with what you could do.

    I was a big fan of Nokia for a long while and only moved to Android when it was confirmed that the meego N9 was not coming to the Uk.

    I am seriously impressed with the Samsung phone technology but their PC connectivity appears to be a little hit and miss. I am not sure if this is due to restrictions with the Android OS or what but I also know that kies takes a good minute longer than PC suite did and has less functionality and is far less intuitive to use.

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't swap back but I think Samsung need to apply their phone magic to the Kies PC app after a sly butchers at the Nokia PC Suite (devinitely not the Ovi Suite which was just an evil disaster).

    Really, out of the box you should be able to plug your phone in via USB and it connect. If it cannot then it should tell you which option (usually USB debugging) you should change to allow connection.
  13. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I had been using Wi-Fi with no problem, so I tried the USB cable and had the PC STUDIO error. so I disabled USB DEBUGGING and it works fine, as mentioned a few posts above.
  14. Eira007

    Eira007 New Member

    I read so many threads to disable USB debugging, reboot (with/without SIM/microSD), uninstalled all USB and BT from PC (W7-X64) uninstall/reinstall Kies, and still KIES gives me this message not to be able to connect to my N7000.
    There was a little KIES update which started to ask for the right phone, but the N7000 was not even listed!.
    What a nightmare! Al other phones I have used worked like a charm to connect and sync. Here I sit with a 500 Euro Galaxy Note which even does not have my contacts!
  15. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    I do think it confusing as well that people just refer to "Disable USB debugging"

    Sometimes they mean to untick the box and sometimes tick it since ticking the box actually disables USB debugging when the screen is off.

    For Kies to work the box must be unticked. Unfortunately connecting it in the wrong mode then may corrupt the drives so when you change it back it still does not work. My checklist on failure is..

    Disconnect phone.
    Ensure the USB Debugging box is un-ticked.
    In Kies go to Tools->ToubleShoot connection errors
    When done try again
  16. Eira007

    Eira007 New Member

    Thanks, Bodestone,
    I tried this a few times already... to no avail... makes me Nuckin' Futs!

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  17. xxbazhxx

    xxbazhxx Well-Known Member

    wohooo guys....after tryin more times than it took to conceive the kids i finally got my N7000 to connect to kies (have usb debugging unticked and it installed cdm drivers or something like that lmao)
    EIRA007 make sure kies is uptodate, usb debugging unticked, connect note to pc first and all drivers will be installed THEN start kies, should find your phone then...hopefully lol.
    but guess what?????????????????

    under basic information it says "your device does not support software upgrading via kies" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i now would love to meet the guy/girl who developed this piece of sh*t software and kick them squarely in the tallywacker/twinkle for wasting my time....but heyho least i can stick to NOT using it anymore and wait for the OTA upgrade to ICS and if that is poo too, god forbid i ever see anybody in a samsung shirt lololol.


  18. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I lost the ability to connect via Kies on all my Macs (3 of them) over the last month... All had been working fine before.

    Today there was a KIES update Version (maybe 16) - and after install ing it...

    nothing.. just tried again. no good for me.

    Although I've only installed about 5 programs on my Note - it's conceivable that one of them is interfering with the Kies connection...

    Kies WIFI works fine...

    o well...
  19. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member



    I shut my phone down.

    Then I started KIES on my Mac.

    Then i started my phone - with the usb cable plugged in.

    When the phone booted i immediately removed the screen lock and after about 45 seconds now it is connected via the cable.

    Maybe a reboot of the phone is needed to kill some process that was hindering the connection...

    UPDATE: now it works all the time. Can unplug and re-connect and it is detected right away.

    I'll try again in a few days after using the phone and some programs...
  20. Tobybarker

    Tobybarker Member

    I have the opposite problem - can connect via USB but NOT via wifi. Kies just says no connection found (or similar message). :confused::confused::confused:
  21. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Lucky you! Occasionally my Note would connect to Kies, but I would rarely use it. Now I've been trying to use Kies, installed all of the updates, and now it just keeps saying connecting.

    It's been hell trying to get Kies to work with my Macbook Pro.
  22. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling! I've done all the updates and it's still so flaky. Sometimes it connects without a problem, other times it refuses completely. I have noticed that if I reboot both the phone and my MacBook Pro it connects every time but that's a real pain having to do that just to use some software. It's laughable that a company as big as Samsung puts out such utter garbage as Kies.
  23. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Just came across this thread. So, for Mac users, if things do not work out, just reboot both the Note and the MacBook Pro. Everything will work out then. Am I right? Does Klis work well under Snow Leopard and Lion?
  24. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I'm running it in LION. The reboots seem to make it work 100% for me now.

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