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GT N8000 - Jelly Bean, different languageSupport

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  1. JorgeO

    JorgeO Member


    I have a Galaxy N8000 unlocked for ZTO (Brazil) area.

    May I update to Jelly Bean using the United Kingdom ROM? Just using KIES & ODIN will do the trick?


  2. pwatkins

    pwatkins Active Member

    Absolutely. AFAIK there is only one JB update that Samsung is currently rolling out country by country. Version is JRO03C.N8000.XXBLJ9.
    Simply flash this as an update using Kies/Odin. It worked for me first time. Took about 20mins total.
    Version includes Portuges (Brasil) as location and language.
    JB includes all the Note Premium Suite updates and is a big improvement for the Note 10.1 running ICS. Just do it!!
  3. JorgeO

    JorgeO Member

    Thanks, pwatkins

    And what about the N8000XXBLK2_N8000OXXBLJ2_BTU for England? Is it the same under a different name?

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