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GT P1010 Official Gingerbread Update (Philippines)

Last Updated:

  1. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

  2. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    Changes that i noticed using the new firmware are the ff:

    No more unecessary vibrations during power up and power down and when adding widgets.

    Responsive operation

    New built in apps like pulse and sketch memo

    Fixed overheating. Back of the tab feels a lot cooler now.

    Thanks samsung for the updates.
  3. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    Battery life drastically improved!
  4. aprilai

    aprilai New Member

    I tried connecting my samsung galaxy tab p1010 to kies today. waiting for a window to pop out for the firmware update but none. the update firmware is not even highlighted. my firmware is still PDA:KC2/CSC:KC2(TGY). can you help me please how to update my p1010 to gingerbread.
  5. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

    Try uninstalling first your Kies program then install the latest Kies to update your tab. Cheers!
  6. aprilai

    aprilai New Member

    Hi sir! I did uninstall the kies then reinstalled it again. same thing no updates. fyi, i bought my sgt p1010 in hongkong last year. the firmware as what i've read is for europe and philippines. is that the reason why it's not updating? any other way to update it?
  7. philjewel

    philjewel New Member

    I can't upgrade. I have installed the new kies and tried restarting my computer. I'm using Windows 7 64bit version. This message keeps coming up:

    "Error found in the downloaded file. Do you want to try downloading again."

    And when I download again, I still get the same message at the same percentage of download. What do you think is wrong?

    Hope someone can help me coz I really need to upgrade. Lot's of problems with the present firmware.



    And I have repeated the process more than 10x.


    After more than 15 tries, I'm getting an error at 10% now. Before it was always at 3%.
  8. dinesh443

    dinesh443 New Member

    my symphony w50 how can upgrade os please healps

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