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  1. DoctorClu

    DoctorClu Member

    I bought my GT-S5300 while stationed in Kuwait, and now I'm back in the United States. First thing I noticed was my bluetooth keyboard (that I used on my Arcos 32) was not supported. Recognized it, would not work with it. Refused. Denied.

    Called Samsung to get an idea of what devices would work with the GT-S5300 but U.S. based Samsung had NO RECORD of this phone, and suggested I call the European branch.

    So what bluetooth devices actually work with this phone?

    I am ordering a small bluetooth keyboard over Ebay coming from China that is said to work, we will see.

    How about bluetooth projectors? Or other bluetooth projector keyboards? I dream of either of those two working.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    (I believe I did get a set of Motorola Bluetooth headphones working.)

  2. DoctorClu

    DoctorClu Member

    Well the bluetooth keyboard did not work. Looks like the Android Pocket cannot handle HID. I tried various bluetooth keyboard apps, but apparently the HID support needs to be there. However, one ap did say SPP applications are supported.

    With that in mind, I have an interest to try a projection keyboard with the SPP option. Will keep things posted on how that goes.

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