GT-S5830M Recovery mode procedure doesn't work :(

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  1. vpeters25

    vpeters25 New Member


    Got this Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830M a few days ago. Today I'm trying to root it but I can't get any of the "enter recovery mode" procedures to work.

    - If I try to turn on the phone holding home + power it shows logo then blank screen and nothing ever happens (held for 5 mins)
    - If I turn it on holding home + power, then I let power go after logo shows up while still holding home, it just goes on and boots normally.


    Edit: Figured it out, for this one is Home + Vol Up + Power, let all go after initial logo disappears.

  2. ags2869

    ags2869 New Member

    hello there, i was having the same issue and you need just to holding home + power + volumen up

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