GT540 unlock problem after upgradeSupport

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  1. g8jvm

    g8jvm New Member

    Hi, I looked at previous threads, not much help.
    I paid for unlock codes from foneszone, but they supplied two codes,
    since the upgrade to 2.1-upgrade 1, the hidden menu seems to have gone,
    and entering 2945#*540#
    just brings up the window for the unlock code to be entered, no secret menu.
    It looks like only 10 attempts to unlock are allowed, not sure what happens after that, bricked ??? I've use 3 so far.
    I'm in the USA next week and I dont want to pay $2/min for incoming and outgoing calls.

    Provider is vodafone UK

    any advice appreciated TIA

  2. g8jvm

    g8jvm New Member

    Strange the unlock code supplied worked after a request to vodafone to unlock was made.

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