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GTA III for Droid X

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  1. Roach07

    Roach07 Member

    Hello! I was just wondering how to play GTA on my DROIDX. It might be old but it is still a high end phone. I was able to play it laggy on my LG Optimus M so why can't I play it on this phone? I've downloaded cracked versions of the game modded for low end devices and it still wont work. Optimus M is a medium end samartphone so why can't I play it on my high end DROID X? If anyone can help me it would be immensely helpful.

  2. chmodx

    chmodx Well-Known Member

    The droid X was a high end device in its time, but that day has come and gone. The developers only approve certain chipsets/phones/tablets to workw ith apps. The droid X will be two years old very soon, far from the demands of most high-end new apps.

    You'll have to buy a newer phone for the latest bells and whistles(and apps).
  3. Barkleyfan

    Barkleyfan Well-Known Member

    My guess would be the resolution. 400X800 is more common than 400X854. Those extra pixels are likely the culprit.
  4. MDReptile

    MDReptile Member

    I got ahold of a "free" version of that game to test on my DX, worked just fine, a bit laggy here and there, but most 3d mobile games are geared for dual cores and up... but still the point is...it works...

    ...but you cant buy it legally from R* :/

    I am sure they prevent the DX from downloading because of the slight lag, and wouldnt want bad ratings and stuff for the DX users who complain up a storm when they pay for it, then it wont run smoothly for them.

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