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  1. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    I had installed GTA III on my Galaxy S2 when the android version was 2.3.3. I upgraded last week to 2.3.6 and since then this game keeps crashing every now and then.
    Is this a known issue and is there a solution to this problem? I don't want to uninstall and re-install as all game progress will be lost :)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. sam142000

    sam142000 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you didnt install the correct version. There are various types of GTA3 available on the Android Market.
  3. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    Mine crashes all the time and it seems to be a well known problem, check out the feedback on marketplace. Up to date firmware or not. Frustrating.
  4. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    Mine crashed the first time I tried it.

    However, no problem since!
  5. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    Here is a solution I found that worked for me.

    To solve the crashing problem on GTA III first you need to backup your save game files. To do this go into the apps menu and open my files. Then you will need to go to the folder where GTA III is located:


    Once in the GTA3 folder If you go down to the bottom you will find 3 files. Mine are called:

    GTA3sf9.b, GTA3sf1.b and gta3.set.

    Your files may have slightly different names, not sure. Copy these 3 files and past them somewhere else either in another folder on the phone or on your PC.

    Now that you have backed up your save files exit out of there and go back to the app menu and go into the settings. In the settings select applications, manage applications and find GTA III. Select it and on the next screen there will be some buttons and there will be one that says Clear data, select this.

    After that load GTA III and it will want to download the files that it downloaded the first time you played, Let it download the files. Now exit GTA III and copy your save game files back into the folder, mentioned above were they were before. Once you have copied your save filed back into the folder load GTA III again and your save game should be there and the game should not crash anymore, if it does then I don't know.

    Also it some times freezes during the cut scenes but not sure how to fix that, anyways that doesn't really bother me.

    If you get confused or your not sure what to do let me know and I will help you.

    Hope this works for you.
  6. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    Hi Frenzy0, I tried the steps you mentioned, but even after "Clear Data", when I started GTAIII, it started normally and didn't ask for any files to be downloaded. Is there any other intermediate step to be carried out after "Clear Data"? Any other files that needs to be manually removed so that the game is downloaded again?

  7. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    Same for me. It asked me to accept an agreement thing but no files downloaded and it still crashes.
  8. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    No crashes for me, runs perfect.

    It however will start crashing if you modify the config and enable effects like lighting, shadows and higher resoltuon textures.

    Annoyingly the performance with these features enabled is very good and better than any other Android device but they need to optimize the game for the SGS2, hacking the settings works but causes crashes. :(
  9. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    If you delete the gta3 folder then it will ask you to download the files again. I can't quite remember exactly how I fixed it. I wast messing around trying different things so I may have missed a step that I did or did something different but I do remember it asking me to download the files again.

    Try deleting the gta3 folder and then letting it downloading the files again and see if this works. Don't forget to back up your save files first.
  10. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    That has made things a lot better actually thanks. I've noticed it crashes still if you go to swap weapons the moment you start, after avoiding that I had a long game with no crashing! So far so good cheers!
  11. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    No problems.

    If it still crashes then you may need to let it download the files again. I remember I had to delete the gta3 folder and let it download the files a number of times before it completely stopped all the crashes.
  12. addylove007

    addylove007 New Member

    Please guide me as after installing GTA3, the additional files are only half downloaded and if it interupts then instead of resuming download, the game starts and crashes halfway.
  13. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    The problem isn't solved yet. I deleted the folder, allowed the download to happen again and again the game crashed. Then I uninstalled the game completely, reinstalled, and still the crashes continue... I guess the game is just not tested enough on Galaxy S II... What a waste...:mad:
  14. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    Yes I spoke to soon thinking the crashing was solved by deleting and re downloading the gta3 folder. It keeps crashing even after doing it a few times. Not good.
  15. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    Strange, it doesn't crash for me. Have you all tried clearing your ram? or maybe there's an app conflicting with GTA III. Idk I'm out of ideas.

    also what version of android are you all running? I'm running 2.3.6
  16. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    If there is any app conflicting with GTA III then how do we find out which one it is? :) And I am running 2.3.6... Will try with clearing the RAM as well...
  17. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    To find out if an app is conflicting you would need to uninstall your apps. You would need to uninstall one app at a time then check if GTA III crashes to find the exact app that's is causing the crashes. There is probably an easier way of doing this without having to uninstall all of your apps but I'm not sure.

    Also make sure you haven't got anything else running while you are playing GTA III. Close all your apps so nothing is running and also try restarting the phone, turn off/on so it is a fresh boot when you play.

    Also how much space do you have left on you phone? Try removing some stuff that you don't want/need to create more space and see if that helps.

    I Hope one of these solves your crashing problem.
  18. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    Uninstallng your apps is probably not good advice. I got this back from Rockstar which I've yet to try..

    First, we apologize for the long response time on your support ticket.

    We should begin troubleshooting by trying a few known solutions that may clear up the problems you are having. The solutions can be found via the support knowledge base entry located at How to fix crashes on Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition for mobile devices : Rockstar Support

    If after trying the applicable troubleshooting steps the issues continue, please contact us for further assistance with troubleshooting the issue and we will be more than happy to help
  19. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    Ok.. will try these as well... So far I did try uninstalling some apps, and restarting the device a number of times, so that there is no conflicing app running at all, but the game still crashes...
  20. Frenzy0

    Frenzy0 Member

    GTA III was updated a couple of days ago so if you haven't updated it yet, do so and maybe the new update will fix the crashing for you all.

    The new update comes with new video settings allowing you to change the resolution, visual effects ect. So if the crashing is video/graphics related then maybe updating the game and then turning down these new video setting may stop the crashing.
  21. SS_GS2

    SS_GS2 Member

    Yeah I updated and so far things seem to be much better... Let's hope it remains so... Thanks a lot for all your ideas Frenzy0...
  22. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    I ended up getting a refund from Rockstar. There are problems with the game and the phone that are not resolved. Certain things can stop it from crashing quicker like not swapping weapons straight away, getting in a fast car straight away but this messes up when you have a time based mission. Shame. They run me though every support measure but admitted defeat.
  23. incsmiro

    incsmiro Well-Known Member

    Same here, I gave up after 2 Weeks of faffing around with various stuff, got the impression that the guy at rockstar wanted me to do his job for him! the annoying thing was that they released an update the very same day they processed my refund so now it won't let me download the update! Would be interesting to see how many have found that the update solved the problem, would be prepared to buy again if I could be sure that the update works
  24. wellsyuk

    wellsyuk Member

    Same here my updates were disabled before that and guess what, now you can't clear that update or repurchase the game until they put you into the support hands of Android! Argh. Which is where I am now and theyre telling me at the moment to try and reinstall the marketplace. What a joke.

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