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  1. Play store UK its 6th December so where the hell is gta vice city.... It isn't even there yet

  2. Takenover83

    Takenover83 Member

    Are you joking? Give it time. It's 6AM for me @CST
  3. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Well-Known Member

    Really looking forward to this.

    Vice city is by far my most enjoyed GTA game.

    As long as its up on the UK store about 6pm UK time so I can download it I will be happy.

    However by the sounds of the reports coming in regarding issues installing the game for those android users in the US, i'm now worried we may get a delay on this...

    Hoping i'm wrong here.


    Never mind my pessimism just seen this posted on the play store


    "We&#8217;re aware that some users have attempted to download Vice City: 10th Anniversary Edition from the Google Play Store and have experienced validation errors. Just to be clear: the game is not available for Android devices just yet, and if you&#8217;re seeing it listed on the Store then this is an error, and you shouldn't attempt to download it. We&#8217;ll keep you up to date and let you know as soon as the game is live and available to purchase."

    That explains that part :p
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  4. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Well-Known Member

    Game went up, then back down because of some issues with the release. DroidGamers did a quick piece on this. Should be back up soon enough.

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