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  1. misskiks

    misskiks Member

    Well Im a sidekick lover who recently(obviously) switched over to the G1 and AIM(aol instant messenger) basically was my life until now becuz its crappy on the until they make a im app im tryin out gtalk since it works really well but i only have 3 friends so anybody who wants to make there buddylist longer holla @ me lol :)

  2. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    So you're a slave at golden crust, huh? Well, let me get a spicy beef patti with extra cheese please! And you can add me. Same name as this.

    Nice to meet you Kierra ...
    I'm Gee

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    MMmmmm....golden crust.
  4. Mrqwebb2

    Mrqwebb2 Well-Known Member

    Nice to meet you my gmail is: Mrqwebb. Send me a im so I can add you! Anyone else who wants to add me feel free
  5. kaizerkhan

    kaizerkhan Member

    fell free to add! :)
  6. honugirl

    honugirl Active Member

    im ryzmom...... dont have too many friends either...umm just me:p
  7. rzm61

    rzm61 Member


    feel free to hit me up. I'm always down to talk.

    GMONEY Member

    I would add you all. But still waiting for me g1. :(
  9. misskiks

    misskiks Member

    awww well as soon as yu get yurs let us kno!! :)
  10. blazinyella

    blazinyella Active Member

    add me so we can get our chat on my id is blazinyella..

    Im at work always bored lol
  11. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah ... a bunch of G talkers ... how nice.
  12. tyronlive

    tyronlive New Member

    hey tyron here... sn is tyronelive a cool guy to chat with so hit me up
  13. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    i would love to utilize the google talk im thingy anyone interested in being efriends holla atcha girl and we can exchange info!
  14. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    I think we've already been exchangin' into here. What else do you want to know?
  15. TateWatkins

    TateWatkins Well-Known Member

    Anyone can feel free to add me, it's in my signature.
  16. Zinzi

    Zinzi Well-Known Member

    I need more people to talk to!
    Mine's zinzigraham :)

    I'll add everyone later.
  17. nystyles007

    nystyles007 New Member

    hey there I got the g1 as soon as It came out and I jus started messin wit it and I came accross your profile can we be gmailchat buddies??
  18. nystyles007

    nystyles007 New Member

    well ladies IM kinda new to this gmail thing bu you can im me anytime.... ;)
  19. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    I'M lisasutton33 on gmail/gtalk if anyone would like to add me
  20. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    So yeah, Ms. Sutton, I've added you.
  21. Smurph

    Smurph Member

    im not familiar with Gtalk sooooooo.. smurph25
    get your add/follow/walk with me going.
  22. Labrys67

    Labrys67 New Member

    Hi there,
    I'm also a recent convert from the sidekick LX to the far I'm loving the G1, just ordered an extra battery & car charger for it though <G>.
    Anyone who wishes to add me to their buddy list, please feel free to. I'll also be adding y'all.

    Take care,

  23. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    yay i feel priveleged luv you are good people! Hugs
  24. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    i'm gonna add you ms diana
  25. Bmarx4

    Bmarx4 Member

    bmarx4 is the name, add me! Your friend in Az

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