Gtalk not work on Samsung Galaxy FitTips

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  1. Kinjal Shah

    Kinjal Shah New Member

    I am having samasung galaxy fit, android version 2.2.1

    i am connected to the wifi, and the internet is working fine, no issues at all, i am able to send mails from gmail account and receiving mails also.

    BUT when I try to login to gtalk, it gives me the error "Could not connect to server, will retry shortly".

    Please help.

  2. MMax_A45

    MMax_A45 Member

    Enable background data from settings. If still it don't works then update to gingerbread...
  3. antamidhya

    antamidhya Member

    I had the same problem, try this it works:
    Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All
    1. Select 'Market' -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data
    Go back
    2. Select 'Google Services Framework' -> clear cache -> clear data
    3 Reboot

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