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  1. TJS_03

    TJS_03 Well-Known Member

    I did search.. didn't find an answer...

    Does GTalk only use data and not wifi??
    If I have wifi turned on and try to use Talk, I cannot connect to the server. If I turn wifi off, I connect no problem.

    Is this normal?
    If not, is anybody else out there experiencing this?

    2.1 w/Joey recovery, v5 rooted
    DD03 - baseband
    ECLAIR DD10 - build

    I can't remember if the same thing was happening to me in 1.5 or not...

  2. TJS_03

    TJS_03 Well-Known Member

    nobody has any experience with this? could someone test it out?

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  3. gabbott

    gabbott Well-Known Member

    I'll test now....

    Edit: just tested on wifi and connect to gtalk just fine. Running identical config to yours.
  4. TJS_03

    TJS_03 Well-Known Member

    thanks man!

    it must be some security / firewall issue on the wifi network i was using...

    appreciate the help

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