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  1. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Well-Known Member

    I am really impressed with "Guest Mode", this will be short and simple. No more need to seek out a 3rd Party App for this mode/function/option/setting! I can now give out the Guest Security Pattern freely and have certain apps that I allowed for the Guest to operate/access.

    Much appreciated to LGE for this implementation...I really love this device and is now my favorite Android Device I have ever owned!



    So, anyone else utilizing Guest Mode?

  2. Tigatron

    Tigatron Well-Known Member

    That's cool. Never thought about guest mode myself as I don't let people touch my phone after me og HTC EVO 4G got destroyed within 5 minutes of somebody "making a call".
  3. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Well-Known Member

    Once they have access while within "Guest Mode", they can't access any Device Settings and what have you...You choose what apps they can access, you can review their history by leaving Guest Mode and checking the Previously Used Apps.

    I haven't seen what happens with an incoming call/text but email notifications do pop up but they can't access them nor read'em. I highly recommend Guest Mode for those who can/will utilize this Setting.

    Just don't forget your Unlock Pattern Code nor get it confused with the Guest Mode Unlock Pattern.
  4. Tigatron

    Tigatron Well-Known Member

    Lol my luck was dropped in liquid; never had anybody try to snoop.
  5. Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Well-Known Member

    Ah and ouch...well, this way you will not have to worry bout gridlocking yourself out from the apps you always use daily...this way, you just hand the device over and show them the Guest Mode Unlock Pattern and BAM!
  6. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Well-Known Member

    I use guest mode for the kids to be able to play games without needing with my stuff. Awesome feature!
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