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  1. chilli16

    chilli16 New Member

    i have seen an app in google play at
    COnstitution of inida

    I would like to make similar app in eclips but unfortunately i am unable to understand how to go about it.
    can any one share some broad steps to follow to create it.

    whatever i will develop full credits will be given to helper.

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the forums Monika :)

    I have no experience in development - I have moved your thread to one of the development sections of the forums... I hope that you get the help you need in here :)
  3. bafflednewbie

    bafflednewbie New Member

    i am supposed to work on a mini project that is to be submitted at the end of my semester. so i wanna ask that is it feasible to make a fully fledged web browser for android platform based phones?! If yes, so what approach should i follow... kindly help me.
    the key features i want for it are :
    1) capable to show pages requested at a good speed.
    2) gesture recognition(making browsers related operations easy and fun to use)
    one of the most important thing i wanna ask is .. whether it would make a good mini project that provides good learning stuff or not.
    the other topics that the professors suggested were related to AI,face recognition,etc, in which am not at all interested.
    a little guidance here... plz !!
  4. sarahjames

    sarahjames New Member

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  5. DroidVish

    DroidVish Member

    What kind of help do you need? about the basic Android App development or the subject of your App? If possible I can help you out

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