[Guide] Back to B&N Stock 1.4.1 or upgrade stock to 1.4.1

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    Disclaimer... untested by me. :D

    From this page: [ROM] B&N 1.4.1 upgrade through CWM [Dual Boot/Single Boot Compatible] - xda-developers

    That page is a bit confusing since it was originally back-to-stock for B&N 1.3, but the original post was updated to 1.4.1, probably not the best idea but I would think problems flashing 1.4.1 would be similar to 1.3, should you have questions. The 1.4.1 section starts on page 5.

    Flashing these files will remove root. To root B&N 1.4.1 (optional), see: How I rooted B&N 1.4.1 and got the Android Market to work

    Which file to download?
    (See the first link above on xda.) The second file keeps CWM (recovery), which shouldn't be necessary. If you are having major issues, I recommend the third file, which removes recovery. The first file appears to be for the stock rom on the sdcard. (?)

    Formatting data:
    Formatting data means you lose your data and settings. Paid apps will still be available from Market or B&N app store, if you reactivate with the same acct.

    You need to format data if any of these situations apply:

    • your NC is unbootable and you are trying to repair it
    • you are coming from a non stock rom like CM7, Phiremod, MIUI or other non-stock rom
    • you are coming from B&N software version newer than 1.4.1

    If you just intend to update 1.3 to 1.4.1, you shouldn't need to format data (in theory). :D

    Here's what I assume needs to be done:

    • leave your downloaded file zipped and copy it (do not extract it) to a bootable sdcard (version required)
    • boot your NC with the bootable sdcard
    • format system (formats and storage menu)
    • format cache (formats and storage menu)
    • format data (formats and storage menu) See "formatting data" above.
    • clear Dalvik cache (advanced menu)
    • flash your back-to-stock zip file (install zip from sdcard)
    • fix permissions (optional, recommended - advanced menu)
    • watch for errors
    • remove sdcard
    • reboot

    If you need more specific help installing this (or it simply does not work), see this guide: [Guide] How to restore your NC to stock B&N 1.3

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    Great of you to post the link to the 1.4.1 updated that doesn't screw with cwm. I was getting irritated as I flash everything...a lot lol. Saved me time for sure.
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    Glad it worked and letting me know it works.

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