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    Guide: How to Turn off Shutter Sound for Camera
    So, As princessyvaine pointed out, even with the viper on silent mode, the camera shutter will always sound. I see both sides of this, how it can be annoying as a user, not always wanting to have a full volume shutter sound when your taking pics, lets say of your newborn baby sleeping or in any quiet setting. I also understand that there are many people in this world who did not grow up with such technology, they are afraid of it in a way. I can only assume this forced shutter sound was added for that reason, now that phones are getting smaller with cameras getting better and better quality, it may be bothersome to certain people not knowing at any time if someone is near them with their cellular telephone they can be taking a picture of them as well. Prior to noticing the build prop line, I tried multiple camera apps such as Camera360 and CapturePro which i use most of the time, and although they offer a setting for no shutter sound, it will not turn off the sound unless you edit one number in the build prop.

    1- Open up any file explorer app, I use Root Explorer, ES file explorer is fine as well, (free in app store).
    2- Click to mount system as R/W.
    3- Navigate to /system
    4- Longpress on build.prop. -> Tap Open With -> Tap Text Editor.
    5- Scroll down towards the bottom where You should see: # #ADDITIONAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES
    6- Nine lines down is:
    7- Change =1 to =0.
    8- Tap your menu key -> Tap Save/Exit (your build.prop will automatically be backed up as build.prop.bak If using Root Explorer. If using other apps, I suggest making a copy of your original build.prop, rename it to build.prop.bak, then edit the original Build.Prop.
    9- Reboot your phone.
    Now, once you place your phone in silent mode, regardless of which 4 of the Shutter sounds you have chosen, it will stay silent.

    Here is a video Guide as well i made using ScreenCast:
    Viper4gLTECameraShutterOFF - YouTube

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    nice write up man. please check your pm
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    When I tried to change the to 0 my phone showed an error message. it just says "it will not be saved" what does this mean?
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