[Guide] ES File Explorer for Root operations.

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  1. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    More and more users are switching to ES File Explorer these days. Why? Because it's fast, it's flexible, it's quite powerful, and it's free. This guide has been written by request, and my goal here is to help you get the most out of one of my most indispensable apps. It's list of features is far too long for me to list here, but it's description in the Play Store lists everything. I'm presenting this as a bulleted list because it's more of a tip sheet than a guide.

    1) Root access - from the main screen click menu-settings-Root settings, then click "root explorer." You can also check "Mount file system" if you need to modify files in the root directory.

    2) While in the settings, change your Path settings for easier access to the entire filesystem. Click the dropdown for "Home directory" and change it to "/"

    3) Using ES to browse your network. From the main screen, click the button in the upper left hand corner labeled "local" then select LAN, or just swipe right. You are now browsing your local network shares. Click Menu-Add (or Scan) to add a shared location. To keep things simple (during use, not set up) try setting your router with reserved IP addresses (if the firmware supports it). That way you can still use DHCP for your network in general, but your PC's will always use the same IP address. That makes it much easier to remember which IP address is which computer.

    4) ES will also browse Bluetooth, FTP, and cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, and Sugarsync) servers. The location button (or swiping left and right) will select what kind of server you are currently browsing. The process of Menu-Add applies to all of these views.

    5) ES will let you stream media over your home network. Browse your LAN to where the media is located. Click on the file you wish to enjoy. Do not use ES's internal media player (that will fail), instead use your favorite media player from the market. Instead of trying to copy the file, you phone will play it as a stream. I have tested it with Mobo Player and PowerAmp. It should work the same with other media players, but I cannot confirm that.

    6) ES has an optional "Manager" plugin, also free from the market. This will let you kill tasks, clear cache, manage (and backup) installed apps, optimize your power settings, test your LCD for bad pixels, display device information (RAM, available space, processor architecture, battery level, etc...) and a startup manager. I highly recommend this very useful plugin.

    There's much more to it as well, but these are the most common functions I find useful. ES File Explorer with the Manager plugin is kind of like a Swiss Army knife for your phone. There may be other apps out there that can do some of these things better than ES, but this is the only app I've found (so far;)) that does it all, does it elegantly, doesn't take a ton of space on my phone, and doesn't cost anything. One final note, the developers of ES is very active, releasing regular updates with bug fixes and more features.

  2. Ehknaton

    Ehknaton Member

    Hi, I want to use ES File Explorer to back-up my /efs folder, I ticked "Root Explorer" in options, but do I need to tick "Mount File System" to properly copy the /efs folder to a safe location ?
  3. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    Not to copy the data, but if you want to copy the data back you'll need that set.
  4. roym6

    roym6 Well-Known Member

    How do I set up my computer so that my phone can access files on my hard drive? When I try and connect to my computer using ES it asks for a username and password but nothing I type works.
  5. scoson

    scoson Well-Known Member

    If using Win 7, right click your network icon in the tray. Choose (open network and sharing center), look to the left pane and click (change advanced sharing settings) and make sure in the (home or work profile) you have the various settings ticked to share including the highlited (choose media streaming options). Go back to (network and sharing center) and click (homegroup) in lower left pane, there in (change homegroup settings) look down where it says (other homegroup actions) and (view) or (change the password) depending on if you've set it yet. That's pretty much it.

    Also know that in ES settings, go down to where it says (Network Access Password Setting), If ticked, ES can use it's own password if you choose which is separate from your computer homegroup password. If you do use it, you would punch in the ES password, then it will ask you for your homegroup username and password.
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  6. soso94

    soso94 Active Member

    Thx alot for this guide really helpful :)
    But i got a problem n i wanna ask u about it
    u said i shouldnt open files from ES's player and i installed mobo player but the thing is it wont let me choose to open it via mobo player it only gives me two options to open avi files which are ES's player and the normal video player from the phone and this is drivin' me nuts :mad:@
    Plz respond as soon as possible
  7. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    It sounds like an issue with Mobo. Did you also install MoboPlayer Codec for ARM V6? You need to otherwise Mobo won't play very well, if at all.
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  8. CuriousNoob

    CuriousNoob Well-Known Member

    Solis Explorer. ;)
  9. soso94

    soso94 Active Member

    firstly thx for respoding so fast :)
    And yeah i did install mobo player codec and it works with videos already on sd card :/
    Maybe its cuz of something with ES file explorer ?
  10. gsfoundry1

    gsfoundry1 New Member

    He guys, might not be the right place for this, mods feel free to move it.

    Downloaded and installed ES File Explorer. Have it only used to connect to one server that has a Shared Folder. When setting up the server I put the address path of that folder in and it connected fine. I can go deeper into the subfolders and then hit the back button and come back to the "root" folder. But.... then if I hit back again I go to the C: drive of the server instead of C:\Public\Work Packets which is where I have it set to. Is there a way I can block it from going further back on the share?
  11. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    Not that I know of. It just gives you access to the whole drive without regard to what folders are shared.
  12. Davout73

    Davout73 New Member

    I've downloaded ES File explorer. For whatever reason, it is not finding the laptop I want to share files from, but SharesFinder finds everything no problem.

    I put in my laptop ip address, username and password, and it shows on the screen, but when i try to connect, it tries to get the file list, but then gives me a window that says "Login failure" and lists a few reasons as to why. I know its not the firewall, i tried turning that off and it still gave me the same error...

    Any help would be appreciated,

  13. TexasRedneck

    TexasRedneck New Member

    would i be able to use this to access a flash drive on a google nexus 7 tablet? i'm gonna get one in a few weeks and i want to expand memory. i could get an adapter for micro usb male to usb 2.0 female. any help would be appreciated.
  14. brotherswing

    brotherswing Well-Known Member

    I don't think that would work, but you could try...
  15. rimiaafif

    rimiaafif New Member

    i am new
    how to root samsung s5360.kitkat 4.4,file & pras,pls help
  16. rimiaafif

    rimiaafif New Member

    iphone 4 no sarvice,pls guide me
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    This is the LG Optimus V forum. We know all there is to know about it, but practically nothing about other phones.
    Please go to your phones specific forum for the best support for your problems.

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