[GUIDE] [EVO 4G/3D] MetroPCS Donor Flash (Continued for those with problems)

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  1. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

    Hey, so this is for anyone who had issues with

    -Finding the 0 and 1943 files

    -Copying files to and/or from num folder

    -other issues

    Original thread

    1. heres two things you can try. while in EFS, create a new link titled after the name of the file you want to create in the 'num' folder. So for example after you've open sesame'd, go into 'num', right-click and choose new link. Name it '0' or '1943' or whatever else you need to.
    Then delete that link, and drag and drop the file right into the 'num' folder.
    This is called a band-aid repair.

    If that does not work, downgrade your baseband, try this same method again.

    2. Other issues. Some people complain of not being able to call MetroPCS from their 'almost' flashed Evo.

    Be sure to set the SID to 6503, be sure you've written the correct PRL, be sure you've gotten the correct MSL code for your new MEID to use as the internet password.

    3. Using an MEID from a feature phone that you own will work as well with 1x, talk and text, and MMS (if you have it on the account). I have yet to enable 3G without using a smartphone's MEID. (unless using a Sense ROM)

    4. Be sure to follow THIS GUIDE to set up your web. Steps 5-10 should be all you need.

    5. EVO 3D owners who can't get SPC. Open CDMA workshop, connect, navigate to the Terminal tab and send this command "41 74 64 77 61 6f 70" then read your SPC using the default method.
    Tested on ver 2.7

    6. HOW TO DO A BAND AID REPAIR. Download A hex editor, I use Winhex.
    Create new file. take your ESN and name it "0" and your MEID (the one that starts with A00**) and name it 1943. Be sure you follow the rules on the original guide.

    Hope that helped.

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  2. Djps510

    Djps510 New Member

    I Dont Think I Can Downgrade The Baseband. Is It Because I Own The White Version Of The HTC Evo 4g? Or It Doesn't Make A Difference?

    Nvm. It Was The QPST Version That I Was Using That Couldn't Find The Files.
  3. ralphio

    ralphio New Member

    Hi, I've been trying to get my HTC EVO 4G to work with my metropcs plan.

    I copied the MEID and ESN over and copied the NAM1 and NAM2 settings and I updated the PRL.

    I can make calls and texts but I can't get data working.

    My mod version is CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC0-Supersonic-KANG

    When I try and edit my APN settings, if I change the MNC which is set to 027 to anything else, the setting disappears.

    Any ideas?

  4. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

    Try This Link
    and go to PART 1 - WEB and skip to step 5. Follow those directions exactly, step 11 is optional, I didn't use it.
    Hope this helps
  5. ralphio

    ralphio New Member

    Thanks! Finally got it working! I was missing the Tethered NAI in step 8.
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  6. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

    Very Good
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  7. Mikestony

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    Glad you got it working!!!:)

    Good job Chckycrk!!:D
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  8. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

    Thank you
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  9. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

  10. Sabreslight

    Sabreslight Active Member

    i'm a bit confused here, I got the 1943 file from the metropcs donor thread but the 0 file i didn't find, now if you could please clarify on how to do the band-aid repair that would be great.
  11. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

    Yep. I'll add it to the guide right now.
  12. Sabreslight

    Sabreslight Active Member

    Thank you Chckycrk, Funny enough right after I saw that you updated this I updated my QPST and found all the files...but it's good to know there is a work around.
  13. Chckycrk

    Chckycrk Well-Known Member

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  14. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

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