Guide for selling my android apps on Google play?

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  1. taimur97

    taimur97 Member

    I am not new to android development but I have not yet created a Google play developer account I have created apps which I want to sell on Google play but I am confused about the bank accounts I am in uk.When I go to create a new bank account there are plenty of accounts such as current accounts,savings accounts,checked accounts etc.I don't know which one will I need for the developer registration and sell apps on play store and i also want to use that account on other online stores.Please help.

  2. PixelPower

    PixelPower Well-Known Member

    Checking account is what I used since I make payment to my bills through there.
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  3. taimur97

    taimur97 Member which bank did u made account and do I have to activate it for online usage or its pre activated.I am sorry for replying too late.Please reply
  4. emile_b

    emile_b Active Member

    You just need a normal bank account or saving account. I have paid in to my LLoyds TSB current account, and a LLoyds saving account.

    If you already have an a bank account you can probably use that.

    Also you don't need to setup you bank account straight away, the money will just stay in your Google account until you enter your bank details.
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  5. taimur97

    taimur97 Member

    Thanks ;)
  6. taimur97

    taimur97 Member

    Hi again
    can you please tell me the procedure of tax collection.I searched and i found that all the tax on my income that i will earn will be collected by google what that mean..Does it mean that i wont have to pay the tax on my income from my bank account or what??
    Please reply..I really need your help...

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