[Guide] How to flash back to Stock Rom - chacha. Please Sticky This !

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  1. raymerjacque

    raymerjacque Member

    Alot of the guides floating around showing how to flash back to stock rom is incomplete ( missing a few steps ) and will result in boot loop most of the time. the correct procedure is :

    Part 1 : Setting up Fastboot.

    That is it, Fastboot tools is setup. Proceed to next guide.

    Part 2 : Flashing guide.

    after trying EVERYTHING else, this is the method that worked for me, i tried to cover every step possible ( alot of the other guides skipped few steps and that is where i got problems ).

    hope this helps.

    ( PLEASE BE AWARE : This will remove recovery and root. if you flash back to stock rom using this method you will have to root your phone again. It will still be unlocked, just recovery and root will be removed. to re add recovery and root check part 3 below. )

    Part 3 : Add recovery and root access back after installing stock rom.

    it is recommended you update superuser to newer version and also install busybox.

    Now that you have recovery installed you can also flash custom roms again.

    I STRONLGY recommend once you reach this step that you make a backup of your rom via the recovery menu, that way you dont have to go through all this pain again next time.

    The End !!!

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  2. Waqar1234

    Waqar1234 Member

    I wanna say u thank u thank u thank u thanku thank u.. Thanks....

    I successfully downgraded my Chacha.... My problem is now solved. Now i will follow the root procedure.. thanks alot.
  3. Waqar1234

    Waqar1234 Member

    I have successfully followed the whole procedure... It means now i have rooted my phone? now i wanna install custom roms. Any help? plz
  4. Waqar1234

    Waqar1234 Member

    Friend, there are some apps in this rom that are useless for me.. I wanna remove these apps. what should i do?
  5. Avilla

    Avilla New Member

    Please help me..

    I'm stuck at part 2. I did everything like explained, but when I type in the commands in cmd, it says that 'The system cannot find the file'..

    Please help, my wifi is broken after the update of htc..
  6. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Moved this to the All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding. :)
  7. necoicould

    necoicould New Member

    I am from Germany, will this work also for me? BEcause there is standing ASIA in the RUU
  8. Serdxx

    Serdxx Well-Known Member

    method work on samsung galaxy s3?
  9. Voodito

    Voodito New Member

    Thanks a lot :)
    am going to try this tonight =)
  10. Voodito

    Voodito New Member

    the RUU links are dead :(
  11. Awesomeist

    Awesomeist Member

    Any chance this can be updated? The links are definitely dead, and are for asian regioned phones. I'd like to be able to root mine with a EU RUU, if possible?
  12. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

  13. akramnasr

    akramnasr New Member

    now i finished step 11 at Part 2 : Flashing guide.

    when phone restarted there is nothing..no error message.
    or any thinng only the recovery..and the htc quitly brilliant screen still restarted and restarted and no new ?? what can i do ?

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