[GUIDE] How To Restore Service If You've Lost Your MEID

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  1. rontron

    rontron Member

    I stupidly used ROM manager and received an 100mph brick to the face. Unbricked it then got zero'd out. I got service working but no data.

    Well as of 5 min ago I have DATA!!! :rolleyes::p:p

    Somehow my username and password settings got cleared as well.

    I used HOW TO: Fully Flash an HTC Droid Eris to Metro PCS (Tutorial v2.0)
    and started at the QPST part and used my phonenumber@mymetropcs user name and MSL as a password and got it to work!

    After 5 days of staying up till 3am, chain smoking and reflashing, and reflashing and reflashing I finally got it to work. Now I can rest lmao.

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  2. jhill110

    jhill110 Active Member

    Glad to hear it.
  3. avira

    avira New Member

    it does not want to write on the qxdm command output so what should i do?
  4. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    This really needs to be a sticky
  5. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Well-Known Member

    It fell off because there were fewer flashes and in turn fewer accidents. Now with the flashing picking back up (PRL and 2.2.2 downgrades), it's needed again. If I had a spare phone to brick, I'd purposely 0 it and refine the process.
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    i hear you i am terrible with grammar and writting but if some one could write i could do the pics and explain the process :D
  7. MaXxBrook

    MaXxBrook Member

    Okay So I Originally Rooted My Phone Few Months Back And Lost My Data And Just Recently Got It Back At 2 Am This Morning Because Of This Right Here! Ha Ha! Thanx Alot Man!!!:D:D:D
  8. papichulo916

    papichulo916 Well-Known Member

    okay so i was trying to install this program to my computer but it's not doing it so just one question, is it compatible with W7?
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  9. derrabe

    derrabe Well-Known Member

    How did you fore your phone into roaming
  10. derrabe

    derrabe Well-Known Member

    Ok Im stuck and really could use some help, I called metro pcs and got my mdn, min and sid numbers and have them programmed. Then my esn and meid was all 0's so I went to the link posted earlier and used qpst to input those. I now have all the information appears to be correct but I am stuck in searching for service mode still. When I go into phone in menu I get
    Code (Text):
    2. sw version ms690zv4
    3. PRL Version 65535 (which I am pretty sure is supposed to be 3019 or 3020)
    4. ERI Version is 1003
    6. Mobile Network Type - Unknown
    7. Service State - Out of Service
    8. Roaming - Not roaming
    9. Mobile Network State - Disconnected
    Any help on getting this to work would be great
  11. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    what programs do you have? lgnpst, qpst, qxdm?
    at what point are you at.

    pm me I will be on and off the site for a while.
  12. derrabe

    derrabe Well-Known Member

    Ok I got it to work I just used the same too that I did to flash it to upload the latest prl file and then used the all 0's guide and everything is fully functional again.
  13. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    check your web, I found that settings needed were not there and used the guide linked to in post 51 of the restore the meid.
  14. derrabe

    derrabe Well-Known Member

    Phone and internet are working like a charm, since i did the prl update. I am not sure why it fixed it but here is what I did step by step. I also have a samsung indulge and on their forum they have the 3020 prl posted to update it. I did a reimage of the phone using lgnpst.exe then I used that same program to push the prl update to the phone. next is used qxdm to input the esn and meid. Lastly I used ##626* with a service code of 000000 and entered the mdn min and sid metro pcs gave me over the phone. Hope this helps someone in the long run
  15. I've been trying to get this guide to work for me. I went thru everything in this guide, now my phone number is 000-000-9858 and I have prl 65535... Is there a way to get this thing back working without a call to metro?
  16. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    everytime i enter a command it says 12:45:51.934 RequestNVItemWrite - Unable to build buffer
    any ideas
  17. Well I got prl 3020 installed and I have service so I can call metro if needed, is there a way to fix my number without calling?
  18. magdiel1975

    magdiel1975 Active Member

    The phone number is working correctly for me...

    The only error I got was on this command.."RequestNVItemWrite esn 0xXXXXXXXX"

    It did not like my esn, so I continue with the rest of the commands and the phone seems to be working ok so far... hopefully it wont be a problem in the future.
  19. If you skipped the esn and entered the meid you should be good. If the phone is working, check data to be sure its all set.
  20. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    How would I go about getting my number back
  21. Whats the status of your phone? You did this tutorial and it didn't restore service? What phone number does your phone think it has, and what phone number does lgnpst show?
  22. magdiel1975

    magdiel1975 Active Member

    Yup..data works... :)
  23. I can help anyone who gets zeroed out and this guide doesn't quite help, please PM me until I can write up a little tut.
  24. j_blaze14

    j_blaze14 Member

    i did the downgrade to 2.2.1, rooted, then installed a custom rom without wiping, stuck on lg screen. did the dead battery dev mode 4 butten job and reset fone with lgnpst but all my meid and esn's are actual nimbers not 0's. wen i go to qxdm the scp 000000 line i get "SPC Result = Incorrect". i tried the msl from whiterabbit for the scp then after that all the next lines come back with errors like "RequestNVItemWrite - Error response received from target". so i got nothing. just a cool wifi android "a"pod for now. is there another way to edit meid and esn or zero it out on purpose?
  25. If you find yourself in the state described above you just need a prl and then you can call metro and program the MIN


    Then you should be able to call metro from another phone and have them walk you thru MIN program.

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