[GUIDE] How to Root Galaxy Pro

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  1. Mit321

    Mit321 New Member

    I've only done this on Windows 7 so don't know whether it will be supported on other OS's.

    First you need Kies 2.0 to provide you with the driver software for the Galaxy Pro:


    Start this up with your Galaxy Pro plugged in via USB (turn USB Debugging on if it isn't already - Settings--> Application--> Development --->USB Debugging

    Windows will let you know that the drivers have been successfully installed.

    [APP]SuperOneClick v1.8beta (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App) - xda-developers

    Get the SuperOneClick Root App from the link above (to be run on your computer not on your phone!) I used 1.8.

    Run the .exe inside the zip.

    Next click Root. Leave this to finish, when prompted to install busybox say yes. The dialogue box will let you know when its done.

    Check in your apps menu, you should now have an app called Superuser.

    If so, congrats :D the last thing to do is restart! I didn't and spent ages looking up why it hadn't worked :p

    Then download a programme called Root Check from the market and run it to confirm you do :D

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  2. 6i9

    6i9 Member

    is 2.3 available on this phone once rooted?
  3. munishjoshi

    munishjoshi New Member

    Successfully routed my Samsung galaxy pro....
    thanks...waiting for android 2.3 gingerbread now...
  4. StuPoole

    StuPoole Member

    Do you need to go into download mode for this? or just plug it in? :) x
  5. sallu

    sallu New Member

    is 2.3 available 4 this phone?
  6. gabriel_nacpil

    gabriel_nacpil New Member

    how to install any app or i mean to force any app to install onto the sd card? wheter it supports App2SD or not... I already follow the instruction in the ANDROID magazine that I bought buy using ANDROID SDK but still I cant get it is there a simple way I can do it please help me and I need a full and simple way to do it...
  7. omeluwafrank

    omeluwafrank New Member

    how do i un root my galaxy pro?
  8. jonfoxsv

    jonfoxsv New Member

    Tested on a S Galaxy Pro and all it
  9. anower hossain

    anower hossain New Member

    how i can sign out from my gmail account in samsung galaxy pro

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