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[GUIDE] Howto Root LG Motion 4G

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  1. peteygnyc

    peteygnyc Member

  2. peteygnyc

    peteygnyc Member

    After rooting, my phone no longer sends or received MMS picture messages. Any ideas, guys? Anyone seem this issue before?
    I remember this happening on my Samsung Admire months after rooting and I ended up trading it in, paying like $10 bucks and getting a new one. After rooting that one, MMS was fine.
    Did I just muck up my phone? Do I have to trade it in (under warranty)? -P
  3. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Well-Known Member

    Maybe your signal is bad in your area? Check your prl version in phone settings I think latest is 3031
  4. Flablitz

    Flablitz Well-Known Member

    Rooted and all's good. Thanks!!
  5. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Ok i'm on step 12 how do I open a command prompt for windows 7?

    edit: nevermind

    Ok after typing this prompt without quotes cd C:\o4xr I get "the system cannot find the path specified"
  6. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Don't bother with the command prompt, it doesn't work. Just open the folder in Windows and double-click root.bat, it will run from there.
    nicstocks likes this.
  7. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Awesome thanks, does it take a while? still saying *daemon started successfully*
  8. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    It shouldn't take that long. Make sure you have followed all the instructions correctly.
  9. still chillin

    still chillin New Member

    thx to everybody who helpd with this yall are the poop. :D

    the only issue i had with it was when just running the batch file it was unsuccessful at copying all the required files to the phone. so i used the cmd prompt method i think ppl have issues with the cmd meth because for me atleast when i extracted the zip to c:\ it has a o4xr sub folder in it. so if u ran it as cd it wouldnt have access to the required files cause they would be in c:\ox4r\ox4r instead of just c:\ox4r so after cut/pasting out of the sub folder to the main folder there were no real issues except it still couldnt copy all the files i had to run root and reboot 2-3 times inorder to get all the files including su. with all that said it works perfect im greatful for everybodys effort they put into this thanks. :)
  10. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Ok I abandoned my first try and heres what I did second time around. Did a factory reset started from scratch. Googled lg motion driver and downloaded the one at the top. Did all the steps and skipped the command part and just went ahead and clicked on root batch and now it just sits there, what could be wrong?

  11. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Ah stupid me I did miss that, it does explain why the cmd doesn't work. So it would work if you either move the folder to C: or navigate down the extra layer with the cmd prompt.

    Did you enable USB debugging, and is the phone in "charge only" mode?
  12. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

  13. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    You don't have communication with the phone. If you run the file without the phone connected, you'll get exactly what you're getting now.
    Are you getting the notification on the phone that USB is connected, and does your PC respond when it's plugged in?
    Maybe try a different USB port, install the driver again if necessary.
  14. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Yeah my pc recognizes the phone idk wtf the problem is:(
  15. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Reboot PC and phone...try again.
  16. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Yep that would be my next suggestion as well.
  17. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Still nothing, I even followed the youtube vid to a T and when I click root nothing happens:bike:
  18. cjbandroid

    cjbandroid Well-Known Member

    Not quite one click root... but pretty darn easy just the same.


    It works. I've got AdFree running, can access everything with FileManager. Can run tether with Barnacle (yes, yes, yes!) and can run VNC with PocketCloud.

    Life is good this afternoon... hope it stays that way.
  19. chicle

    chicle Well-Known Member

    Try it with this driver: Finally got my phone rooted. Took quite a while until I found the current lg usb drivers. Most of the links posted here are not good. I got mine here: https://www.box.com/s/5c8758354a564c191524

    Thanks to Navimaster for the link. Couldn't have done without you.

    Good luck.
  20. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    I was gonna use that but "user hosting is out of bandwidth":(
  21. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Get the drivers from my unbrick guide then...
  22. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

    Ok sorry if this is a dumb question but how do I do that? In that thread there is no direct link for the drivers. Do I just copy and paste into google or what lol
  23. nicstocks

    nicstocks Active Member

  24. MrTolk3

    MrTolk3 Well-Known Member

    alright so I just wanted to get this straight, getting recovery for this device is going to be a little bit harder is in it because Lg put a bunch off walls up right? I have it routed for right now which is fantastic it makes a run phenomenal, so I'm not going to complain I was just wondering just trying to get things sorted out.
  25. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Correct-LG made it a bit more of a challenge for recovery for it. At least there is an unbrick/return to stock option right now:thumbup:

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