[GUIDE] Loopy Smoothness Tweak for BootBuddy

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    This will show you how to use the Loopy Smoothness startup script with BootBuddy.

    NOTE: This script appears to be less and less useful as newer ROMs and phones become more sophisticated in dealing with any sort of lag. Tested on I9000XWJW9 and it doesn't seem to help. This ROM is quite smooth anyway.


    • Entering your PIN with minimal/no delay/lag
    • Minimising delay with lock screen pattern/unlock (not the time it takes to wakeup, but the touchscreen response lag)
    • Having smoother notifications on the status bar, and smoother pulldown menu response
    • Minimising Launcher lag while Media Scanner is running (can scroll through screens without heavy pauses)
    • Minimising lag when scrolling through the market while icons are still loading
    • Installing/Uninstalling apps while continuing other tasks
    • Minimising/eliminating intermittent lag spikes in gaming
    • No delay in being able to answer phone calls
    • ... you get the idea


    1. You need to have BootBuddy installed.
    2. Go to the Loopy Smoothness thread and download the latest available zip file (loopy_smoothness_tweak-v1-0-2a-GT-I9300-STOCK-CWM.zip)
    3. Extract the loopy zip file, and go into the new extracted folder.
    4. Inside the new folder, go into the location "system>etc>init.d"
    5. Copy the file "S00loopyst" into your boot_buddy_scripts folder on your device sdcard.
    6. Reboot your device with the sdcard in, and the Loopy Smooth script will now be active.

    Thanks to lpy for creating the Loopy Smooth script. See his Loopy Smooth thread for more information on this script.

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