[Guide] Quick'n dirty upgrade your CM7 using Rom Manager

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    This guide tells you how to update CM7 that's already installed on your Nook Color (not sdcard!), using Rom Manager. If you're feeling lucky, you can also upgrade from Phiremod or Stock rom, but make sure you format data if coming from Stock.

    This guide is not for roms that are installed on your sdcard (dual boot - stock/custom)!

    You can update to a nightly build, a stable version or switch to a completely different rom*, like MIUI. :D

    Make sure your NC is fully charged. You can leave it plugged in during this process. Flashing without a full charge is dangerous should it fail to upgrade properly and worst case can skew your battery stats.

    Open Rom Manager.

    If you've never used recovery before, Tap the top option to "Flash CWM Recovery". Scroll down about two screens and choose "Nook Color". You should get a "Superuser Request"... tap "Allow", followed by "Success".

    Press the menu button, choose "settings". Make sure "Quick Backup and Restore" is checked. This will speed up backup/restores while in recovery.

    Choose "Download Rom".

    Choose CyanogenMod Nightlies. (You could also choose a stable version by choosing CyanogenMod. Stable 7.2.0 (or the latest stable build) would also be a good and safe choice.)


    Check out the reviews and ratings and choose a version to install. As of today, stable 7.2.0 is the safest build, so I'm going to choose that one.

    Choose Stable 7.2.0 and "download". You can monitor the download progress in the status bar. When it finishes, you'll get a prompt to install.

    Google apps (Market, Gmail, etc) should be offered. If you update nightly builds twice a week, you shouldn't need gApps. It doesn't hurt to flash, so to be on the safe side, make sure Google Apps is checked.


    When the rom has finished installing, you'll get a pre-install dialog:
    Check "Backup Existing Rom" (This is your safety net!)
    Check "Wipe Dalvik Cache" (Should already be checked)


    Leave "Wipe Data and Cache" unchecked unless you're coming from a different rom, like Stock rooted or MIUI OR you have issues and want to start out with the equivalent of a factory reset.

    If upgrading from B&N Stock Rom (rooted) or a different rom or something really really old like Phiremod 4.0, you must check "Wipe Data and Cache".

    Tap OK.

    "Reboot and Install?"... Tap OK.

    Your NC should boot into recovery and you should see the progress on the screen, which should take a couple minutes.

    Take a break. Since we choose to wipe the cache, it'll take a couple minutes to boot. This is a good time to:

    • go for a walk
    • re-roof the house
    • wax the car

    Your NC will be a little laggy for a while until the caches are rebuilt.


    If you get FC's (Force Closes) on Gmail, Market, this might be expected if you updated Google Apps. Most FC's can be fixed by opening Rom Manager and choosing "Fix Permissions", then reboot.

    Bootloop? If your NC won't boot after waiting 15 minutes, you probably need to restore your backup.

    Hold down the power button until your NC shuts off. If it's plugged into the AC adapter it'll automatically restart, otherwise power it back on again. Make sure you have the "n" button depressed when the screen comes back on. You should get a boot menu. If not power it off and try again.

    In the boot menu, use the volume up/down button to navigate the screen and the "n" button to change options.

    You want:
    Boot Device: eMMC
    Boot Mode: recovery (to enter recovery, normal is the default)

    So volume down to move down and press "n" until you get the option you want.

    Finally highlight "Boot Now" to enter recovery. Press "n".

    In recovery volume up/down to highlight "Backup and Restore". Press "n".

    Highlight "Restore". Press "n".

    Find the backup you just made. It'll be YEAR-MO-DA-TIME. Highlight it and press "n".

    Confirm. Press "n".

    Your backup should be restored. Hit the power button until "Reboot system now" is an option, then highlight it and press "n".

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    Updated this guide with screenshots. Since nightly builds of CM9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be coming soon, I wanted to make sure this was up to date. :D
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    I am running CM7 on my NC not SD card... So, I could use this guide to switch to CM9/ICS?
  4. colchiro

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    Yes, if CM9 shows up in Rom Manager. I don't think it does.

    I think you need Goo Manager to download Eyeballer's nightly builds and the latest (0304 I think) ICS version of gApps. I think they download to your downloads folder (or maybe a goo-something folder).

    You WILL need to wipe data, if presented with that. If it doesn't offer to install gApps, I would cancel until you confirm with someone here first, since that will require extra steps.

    Sorry, don't have NC here to test for you.
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