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[Guide]rooting and adding CWM Recovery to 2.3.5 with Corn Kernel

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  1. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I Wanted to get this guide posted so that others could get CWM and root done at the same time. I canÂ’t take screen shots for the recovery end due to the fact that I have yet to find a way to do it and my phone is my camera. I will however do my best to explain this as simple as possible.

    Kernel info: [KERNEL][KK4][1/28/11] Corn Kernel v7.06 from Source (OC, BLN, Voodoo Sound, etc.)! - xda-developers

    Disclaimers and credits:

    *Read the guide first! If you are not comfortable doing it then don’t!!!*

    *I am not responsible if you screw your phone up, It runs away from you, blows up or your Wife/Girlfriend leaves you*

    There is no icon or app for CWM like there used to be, all flashing and such is done from the recovery console. Don’t download the CWM from the market it will not work!!!!!!

    This shouldn’t erase any info on your phone but for the love of all that’s holy, back your stuff up!!!

    *Avoid using Nandroid as some roms will brick your phone if you try to use it, do the research*

    Credit where it is due: mtcarey @XDA for his/her hard work on this kernel, Imran @ithinkdiff.com for the download mode pic and most importantly my boss for not getting upset that I am doing this at work LOL!

    And now the guide:

    First thing is first you will need the files for this to work. You will need Odin3v1.85 (not one click) it can be downloaded here 1st post:


    Then you will also need Corn Kernel ( I use 7.05 because the others were giving me random reboots)

    download here:

    Remember were you put them!!!
    Make sure you are upgraded to official 2.3.5 for this to work right. Here is how to do that:


    (Not going to detail that here, it’s pretty straight forward.)

    Now let the fun begin:
    Unzip Odin and the kernel (leave the kernel in .tar format. start Odin up (Right click and run as administrator if on Windows 7)

    You should look like this:


    Now put the phone into Download mode. There are 3 ways to do this. (I personally use method 3 and have had the most success with it, I also don't remove my sim, your call on that) Here is how to get into download mode:

    Method 1: ADB - from recovery or normally booted with usb debugging on)
    1.Open a cmd prompt/console/shell
    2.adb shell
    3.adb reboot download

    Method 2: KEY COMBO
    1.Remove the battery, sim card, sdcard if you have one
    2.Insert the battery
    3.Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power

    Method 3: KEY COMBO
    1.Remove the battery, sim card, sdcard if you have one
    2.Insert the battery
    3.Hold both Volume buttons
    4.Plug in the USB cable and continue holding both Volume buttons

    Your phone will look like this if you are in Download Mode:


    If you used Method 1 or 2 then you need to plug your phone into your computer (with Odin Running). If you used Method 3, you are already there.

    Odin will show it sees your phone and will look like this:


    (Your Com number will be different based on what USB port you are using)

    Now click the PDA button and browse to CornKernel_UCKK4_v705.tar and Odin will now look like this:


    (I hope I don't have to tell you the path to the file will of course be dependant on where you saved the file)

    Now hit Start. A progress bar will show on both the phone and Odin. When the flash is complete Odin will look like this:


    At this point the phone will reboot. You may remove the USB when it is on the AT&T screen.

    After the AT&T screen you will notice a new boot screen that has the android guy in the corner, System Corps at the top and the corn logo. That is a good thing as it means the Kernel was flashed. Let the phone fully boot. You now have CWM Recovery. There is no icon or app like there used to be, all flashing and such is done from the recovery console. DonÂ’t download the CWM from the market it will not work!!!!!!

    Once the phone is fully booted it is time to root Using CWM Recovery. I cannot do screen shots for this part, just read and pay attention to what you are doing. Then I want you to read and pay attention to what you are doing.

    Shut the phone down completely, to enter recovery you will need to hold both volume + and - as well as the power button. When the AT&T screen comes up release the power button but Do not release the volume buttons! The corn boot screen will show next, keep holding. The screen will flash and you are now looking at the recovery screen. you can now release the volume buttons.

    At the top it should read SystemCorps CwM-based Recovery v5.1.0.7

    Your options are:

    Reboot system now
    Apply update from sdcard
    Wipe data/ factory reset
    Wipe cache partition
    Install zip from sdcard
    Backup and restore
    Mounts and storage
    Advanced CWM functions
    Reformatting, tweaks, and more
    Power off
    ++++Go Back++++

    You will want to use the volume buttons to scroll down to
    Reformatting, tweaks and more
    Once that is highlighted press the power button

    You are now looking at these options:

    Reboot into recovery
    Reboot into download
    Switch to Stock 3e recovery
    Reformatting / Lagfix Options
    Partition repair
    Tweaks and settings
    System Information
    Install root / extras
    ++++ Go Back ++++

    Use the volume buttons to scroll down to
    Install Root / Extras

    Once that is highlighted press the power button.

    You are now looking at these options:
    Install Superuser and Busybox (root)
    Replace Some overlapping Toolbox commands
    Replace Most overlapping toolbox commands
    Restore ALL overlapping Toolbox commands
    Install / reinstall Superuser only
    Install SQLite3
    Install zipalign init.d script
    ++++ Go Back ++++

    Hilight (should be already) Install Superuser and Busybox (root)
    And hit the power button

    You should now see these options:

    Yes – Apply root to device
    ++++ Go Back ++++

    Scroll down to highlight Yes – Apply root to device

    And press the power button, it goes very fast. Once done scroll to GO Back using the volume keys and press power, scroll again to GO Back and press power. Basically once you have done root keep going back till your first choice is

    Reboot system now

    Highlight this and press power button, your phone will now reboot and you will be rooted and have CWM recovery!!

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  2. CamaroZ28c

    CamaroZ28c Well-Known Member

    Hey Geeve, I used the kernel in your last guide when I rooted. Should I flash this kernel instead? Are you finding it more stable? One thing I've noticed since rooting is that my GPS went to hell. Ironically, it used to work great, all the way back to 2.1.
  3. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    You can give it a shot for sure. You won't lose root and you will gain CWM. I don't see it hurting anything to give it a flash. I have had no issues with this kernel at all.

  4. markycaptivate

    markycaptivate New Member

    First, I have to thank everyone who has posted anything about Captivate and Android and root and recovery. I would strongly suggest anyone who ever considers flashing their phone to know how to jig their phone into download mode. Helpful videos can be found on You Tube.

    I was running MiuI Rom and loving it until it crashed yesterday and went into a boot loop. Making matters worse I just replaced my hard drive and did not have the samsung drivers loaded on my computer. After managing to get the google usb drivers to load with the sdk I finally manages a successful adb devices. My joy turned to grief though when adb reboot download sent my phone right back into a boot loop. I have never felt so weary.

    Starting fresh this morning I built the jig and nearly wet myself with delight when it went into download mode. Loaded all the drivers for samsung. Ran odin. Plugged in the usb and may have squeeled a bit like an eight year old girl when it returned a COM. I did a master clear first, thinking maybe that would help prepare the way for the stock flash and it just HUNG forever.

    Took out battery and replaced, restarted odin, jigged into download, connected usb and praise Jesus it flashed me back to stock. Using Kies I am now on stock Gingerbread and really thankful to have my phone working. I like having root authority though and that brought me here. I will be doing this for sure in the next few days.

    Anyways, thanks for the hard work on putting this all together and thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed to knowledge base on these devices. I am really thankful and all of you are a huge part in what makes me an android fan for life.

    If we could all get drunk somewhere I would buy shots.

    Thanks so MUCH.

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  5. markycaptivate

    markycaptivate New Member

    Ok all sorted. Now I have root and clockwork recovery. What do you guys suggest for best backups? Is there anyway to fully backup the entire device so in the event of catastrophe your system, cwm, and root can be recovered?? Or is backup limited to app and system data like wi-fi settings?

    Just curious.

    Thanks again...nice having root back and a functioning clockworks.

  6. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    For the time being titanium backup is the way to go. I have read that nandroid backup in recovery can brick your phone. They are working on getting it working, but no one knows when it will be ready.

  7. markycaptivate

    markycaptivate New Member

    They say the updated Corn kernel has functioning Nandroid. Anyone tried it yet?


  8. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I haven't yet. I saw that too, just not sure I want to risk it personally :)

  9. Ravarros

    Ravarros New Member

    Hey there ,

    I wanted to say that even being a relative noob to rooting and android this made it SOOOOOOO easy to do . Rooted my Samsung captivate I897 after upgrading from FROYO to Gingerbread 2.3.5 . Worked like a charm and went off without a hitch . After getting VERY frustrated and near bricking the thing twice earlier trying to root this thing this was a real joy to find your guide.

    Please please please keep up the good work . It is a great way for us all to learn :)

    Thanks Again Man
  10. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Has anyone had a problem with their wifi since this update? What I have noticed is after a few days when connected to a wifi network the 3G data connection seems to still be active simultaneously. This is observed via the home screen. If I reboot then the wifi works as advertised???
  11. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I personally haven't noticed anything like that. You may want to follow the Kernel info link and try 7.06 or 7.0a. just an idea.

  12. speedfreak32

    speedfreak32 Well-Known Member

    Hello Ti backup and goodbye bloatware! Thanks again!
  13. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    When I first loaded the 2.3.5 with Corn Kernel 7.05 boot up was quick. First the corn screen, then AT&T for a few seconds, finally Samsung logo and media scanner finishing. What I am experiencing after loading app.'s is corn screen, black screen for awhile (30 - 60 sec.), an abbreviated AT&T and finally media scanner running for a bit. Is this normal or do I have a bad flash?
  14. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I changed my boot animation and am running a rom but my boot sequence is: at&t static screen, corn screen with status bar, BIOS boot screen then media scanner finishing. Seems what you have would be normal, some apps have to start with the phone so your boot time will increase a little. Just like a PC would. Let me reboot my phone and I will tell you how long it takes


    Edit: about 22 seconds here. I do have a bit of black screen, but that is the time it takes for me to boot up, not counting the remainder of the disk scan.
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  15. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    I've looked in here and on XDA but haven't found anything truly definative about how to load a new ROM. So people are saying revert back to 2.1 with ODIN, so say not to. Very confusing and I work in electronics!!! Do you have a link to a good guide?
  16. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    I don't. I maybe able to cook one up in the next day or two.

    Really if you have CWM and are rooted stock 2.3.5 it's quite simple. download the flashable zip of the rom you want, make sure it is in the SD home folder, boot phone into recovery, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (under advanced), you can do a wipe data/factory reset (some Roms require this and will tell you on the download page, you will lose user data), then choose install zip from SD, choose the rom zip and say ok. I have never had to go back to 2.1. Some will suggest if you go from Rom to Rom to go to stock first (required if leaving MUIU or CM7), which I do as well but I go to stock 2.3.5 with Odin from here:

    [Stock ROMs](OneClicks Master Collection)+[Kernels (Stock & w/ CWM)]+[Modems] UPDATED - xda-developers

    Post #3 for AT&T and post #4 for Rogers.

    Then I reflash the corn Kernel, root and flash again.I don't mind losing user data though LOL.

    I would suggest you read the install instructions for the ROM you want to flash, they may have things it requires. some may also be One click installs like Saurom is.

    Hope this made some kind of sense LOL.
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  17. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    I screwed up my phone trying to integrate ROM updates with TI Backup - wouldn't recommend it until bugs are worked out and had to reload. Hadn't noticed before but it seems like with the Corn Kernel that some of the AT&T bloatware is removed like Mobile TV and a few others. Did I get a bad flash or ...? I did perform a backup with CWM before really starting anything else after the rooting. Could that have caused it?
  18. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    Nandroid backup with CWM is a bit of a mess still (could brick your phone), it could be a factor in this. The kernel shouldn't effect what programs are installed, that is controled by the ROM itself.

    "The Linux kernel starts up in a similar way on Android as on other systems. It will set up everything that is needed for the system to run. Initialize interrupt controllers, set up memory protections, caches and scheduling"

    Taken from Here:

    Enea Android Blog: The Android boot process from power on

    If you took a backup with TiB while still on Froyo, best to just restore the app data after download and install the app fresh. sometimes Froyo info doesn't play nice with GB. The bloatware is different on GB, you may just have realized some things were missing or have a different name.

  19. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

  20. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Did some experimenting. Restoring the Nandroid Backup didn't fix the "missing" apps but doing a factory data reset and clearing cache via CWM did take the "pseudo" icons off the home screen. Just an observation.
  21. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Experienced reboot twice while talking via headset. Battery was half full on phone and the same on headset. When phone came back up the battery indicator was red (really dead). Plugged phone into charger and a few sec.'s later bsttery indicated half again. Possibly the result of not running a full charge of battery after performing the upgrade and root with corn kernel 7.05. Something like conditioning a laptop battery?
  22. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Did some research and experimenting. Change the battery to 100% with the device off. Boot into recovery mode, wipe battery data via CWM and that should reset the battery correctly.
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  23. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    Good call! There is also a battery calibration app in the market.

  24. djhile

    djhile New Member

    First of all I registered just to say THANK YOU for this!! I've been searching for a good hour for a simple guide to root after MANY other methods had failed... all of them seemed to be for froyo while the Captivate I just got had gingerbread on it.

    After rooting and installing this recovery, I tried to flash an ICS ROM on XDA [DEV][RC4] Team ICSSGS [Android 4.0.3] but when I selected the option to flash from zip and selected the ROM's .zip file, it scrolled very fast and then booted back out to the main menu.

    What can I do? Am I missing something? I've searched... I just don't know exactly what I am searching for. Would love to have a new custom ROM running, even if it can't be 4.0 ICS.

    Thanks in advance for your help!... thought I'd come over here instead of getting me head chopped off for being a n00b over at xda :)
  25. geeve420

    geeve420 Well-Known Member

    Let's start easy, sounds to me like you have a bad download of the rom. I would try to download again then try to flash the new download. This has happened to me before.


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