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[Guide]rooting and adding CWM Recovery to 2.3.5 with Corn Kernel

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  1. m0lissa

    m0lissa New Member

    Thank you thank you thank you! You guys effing ROCK! :D

    Edit (3/13/12): Having issues with random reboots, mostly during phone calls. No more than a few in a week until today when I have had phone calls trigger reboots four times. Was using 7.05. Will now try 7.06 and see if I get better results. Other than that, I seem to have a weird green flash when the screen times out that is the same color as the Corn logo???
    Weirdness still beats AT&T crapware and being leashed to the Market (now Google Play?! for real?). Will update when I see where this kernel goes. Would like to know if anyone else has random reboots and what seems to trigger them.

  2. BAMJoe

    BAMJoe Member

    I am having problems getting into the recovery menu. I flashed I897UCKJ3 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and then flashed Corn Kernel. Everything went fine, but now when I shut down and load up holding the volume keys and power button it resets at the Corn Kernel screen and never make it to the AT&T screen. This is preventing me from getting into recovery. Any suggestions?
  3. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Press the power and hold the volume rockers down then release the power. If you hold the power it will just loop the corn boot image.
  4. BAMJoe

    BAMJoe Member

    Sorry, I forgot to say that I do let go of the power button, but it then starts up normally.
  5. jacobbflaggiv

    jacobbflaggiv Member

    Mine has done that too a few times. But it usually will got into the mode after a few times
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  6. luvjetz

    luvjetz New Member

    FYI, I'm a noob. Just rooted for the main purpose of removing AT&T's stuff. What apps should I install to manage power and backup?

    I'm also having two issues. One, my phone keeps rebooting. There is no consistent pattern of when it does it, it'll just freeze and reboot. Two, when I charge my phone and remove it from the charger I receive some sort of tethering manager error. I started getting this when I updated to 2.3.5. How can I remove that?

    Also, jacobbflaggiv mentioned using CWM to work with the battery. I felt like this was the better method of rooting so I chose it not really knowing what CWM is. How do I access it to work with the battery?

    Finally, is this the best way for me to root if my main goal is to remove AT&T's stuff? I downloaded TiBackup to remove programs and have been successful so far.
  7. luvjetz

    luvjetz New Member

    It really doesn't matter what I do because it is freezing and rebooting whenever I try anything now. Any help? Maybe, how do I remove this root and try your other method?
  8. smlsound

    smlsound New Member

    I'm on a 2.3.5 and already rooted. Ultimately I rooted to install CM7 (unless someone knows of something better?) But then found I couldn't use CWM from the market. So, I guess I need someone to hold my hand going forward, can I reflash just as the phone is? From there just download CM7 and install from the bootup menu as described in a post above? Any help would be appreciated!

    Relax, have a homebrew!
  9. FakeAwake

    FakeAwake Member

    I have this same question but i'm wanting to install Firefly 3.0. My phone is rooted via the http://androidforums.com/captivate-all-things-root/483646-guide-root-official-2-3-5-guide.html guide and have installed the new corn kernal via this guide for the clockwork recovery... Though I'm not entirely sure I understand flashing I know that I did flash in the root guide, do I just reboot into Clockwork and install firefly rom that i've saved to my internal SD under the name of "update" ?
  10. El Niche

    El Niche Well-Known Member

    yes. make sure to make a backup if you need to.
    reboot in cwm and install zip
  11. trunk8d

    trunk8d Member

    the tethering manager issue was a problem I had with the official 2.3.5 update from at&t. The fix for the tethering manager issue was to do factory reset after the update was applied.
  12. trunk8d

    trunk8d Member

    Thanks for this thread I was saddened until today, rooted my captivate for the second time since getting it.
  13. chriss722

    chriss722 New Member

    Every time I plug my phone into my computer in download mode a window pops up and says "Device driver software was not successfully installed" and under that where it says Gadget Serial there is a red X next to it saying "No driver found". Im running Gingerbread 2.3.5 someone please help! How to I install the driver?
  14. V3nom

    V3nom Member

    did you try plugging it in when not in download mode and see if it installs the driver like that?
  15. V3nom

    V3nom Member

    ok so im rooted with cwm...now what? i rooted because i heard it can make the phone faster and i already went into the tweaks setting in cwm and turned on the 1200mhz oc but its not much faster if any. is there anything else i can do, since im rooted now, to speed the phone up some?
  16. chriss722

    chriss722 New Member

    Yes I did that and it installs them fine but when I put it in download mode it just dosent recognize them. Its very weird
  17. V3nom

    V3nom Member

    does odin see it as connected? a yellow box should light up when you plug it in during download mode. iirc i think mine did the same as yours but odin saw it and ran fine anyways.
  18. V3nom

    V3nom Member

    any thoughts or ideas on how i actually use this root to make my cappy faster?
  19. VFT

    VFT Member

    Bricked my captivate...Thinking Rom Manager was the issue but now my Captivate will load the corn screen and just sit there...any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks for any and all help :)
  20. funster

    funster New Member

    can anybody help me, on my captivate i did exactly as told above, but i stil can't get into cwm

    the screen goes haywire just a moment after at&t logo, it always does that even before i flash it with this rom.
    any help would be apreciated.

    (ps. sorry for my bad english)
  21. VFT

    VFT Member

    Please help
  22. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Can you get your Captivate into download mode? (with the phone off, hold the vol. down and vol. up buttons and plug in the USB cable. You should see the yellow warning triangle that says downloading.)

    From there use Odin to reflash the kernel. Make sure you use a kernel that includes CWM as Rom manager doesn't play nice with Samsung phones and will corrupt the CWM installation.
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  23. VFT

    VFT Member

    I am able to get the phone into download mode and Odin recognised that the phone is connected however when I add the kernel and click start Odin says:
    Odin v.3 engine
    File analysis

    And nothing from there.
    I had used this thread to root and all went well....then a friend tried to instal cyanogen and that is when the issue started. He wiped all data from the phone using the recovery mode and now when the phone starts you get at&t then the System corps screen that loads the bar completely but does not move past that screen.
    When I reflash the kernel from this thread it now says that it has passed but still just loads up the System Corps screen.

    First time doing this...shouldn't let my friends that "know what they are doing" touch my phone

    Hopefully I can get this figured out. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Okay ... gotcha. Sounds like you didn't quite get the right ROM for the Captivate. Was it CM7 or CM9?

    I'm using Doc's Master ICS Rom on my Captivate which will also install the Glitch kernel. See if you can get that to install with CWM.
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  25. VFT

    VFT Member

    simply awesome
    thanks for the help

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