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[Guide]ROOTING HTC android 2.2.1 or lower with unrEVOked - Windows (updated 20th December 2012)

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  1. TrebleClef

    TrebleClef New Member

    ok sorted out,im on cyanagenMod-7.0.0-RC2, but when i hit on the 'Check for ROM Updates', it says the feature is only available for Premium users! how to get around this?

  2. rob0t

    rob0t New Member

    erm, download manually?
  3. heavenlyFangs

    heavenlyFangs New Member

    Hi Forums,

    I'm a newbie, and I want to explore much about rooted android.

    I have a problem with rooting my HTC desire. A few days ago, I successfully rooted my phone yesterday using unrevoked3, but something came up because of bad mod and I had to reflash my phone. At first, I flashed my phone using original ROM (that's what the guide said), but it got me "bad sector" and "operation aborted", so I decided to re-flash using MIUI ROM, luckily it worked.

    But then, I just realized that the re-flash unrooted my phone (since it didn't have super-user icon, plus when I go to bootloader, it says S-ON). Now, I'm using un-rooted MIUI ROM and I tried to re-root using unrevoked3, but it stucks at "installing unrevoked3 service...".

    So, how can I re-root my phone? Thanks in advance :)
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    S-on doesnt mean you're not rooted. If you still have custom recovery and the ability to flash Roms, all is good.

    As for why superuser is missing, no idea. This app should be included in all custom Roms

    When you say you flashed the original Rom, do you mean the RUU .exe and did you flash from a pc? Or did you restore a backup? Could do with knowing what exactly you did.

    How did you flash miui? Rom manager?

    Turn off your phone, hold vol down and press power. Scroll using vol to recovery and press power. Are you.now in clockworkmod recovery / amon RA?
    heavenlyFangs likes this.
  5. heavenlyFangs

    heavenlyFangs New Member

    Yes, it was the RUU.exe. No, didn't flash from my PC, just copied to phone and ran it from recovery :confused:.

    In bootloader, I'm in clockworkmod recovery.

    Apparently, I had some back-up previously and just ran it, (and I got my superuser Icon back :rolleyes:) does that mean I'm officially rooted ? If it is so, then I think there's no need to run unrevoked3 again :D
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes alls fine. You can't flash an exe from SD
  7. naz78

    naz78 Member

    The OP says male sure ARA ver is 2.xx.415.x
    I beleive mine is .405, is that okay? Can I use this guide?

    Here is my info:

    Android version: 2.2
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    Build number 2.29.405.2 CL263770 release-keys
    Software number: 2.29.405.2
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    you can use the guide with either, its just the ARA (Arab build) you have to use a different version of unrevoked.

    Yours is 405 which is world wide english, unbranded.
  9. naz78

    naz78 Member

    Thank u. So which unrevoked version should I be using? I apologize if this is a stupid question. I'm a newbie.
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    See post 1
  11. meteorbites

    meteorbites New Member

    Rooted my HTC Desire awhile ago and now I have the Superuser permission app...

    I used Unrevoked 3.32 and my phone has PVT4 and the erase size is 40,000.

    My question is --> Does this mean anything bad? or some complications? I do have SU rights already.

    Other Details
    Software Number: 2.13.707.2

    I was able to go to recovery mode and I have ClockworkMod version

    They say that the ClockworkMod version installed by Unrevoked3 is widely reported not to work with new "PVT4" batches of the Desire. Is this true?
    Does it have some implications on my device?

    Can I start all over again without unrooting? Or no need?
  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes it had implications. Nandroid backups don't work properly and may have difficulty installing custom Roms. You really need to get amon ra on there as per the link in post 1.

    S-off and fastboot flash is the best way but unrevoked should run again in most (but I believe not all) cases.

    Link to alpharev s-off is in my signature
  13. Sak01

    Sak01 Well-Known Member

    In case you missed it (I know I did when I read it):

    So it's the first one, 3.21, for you.
  14. meteorbites

    meteorbites New Member

    I rerun the whole thing with AMON_RA as recovery.

    Rooting successful with AMON_RA as recovery. =)

    Is this OK now? Thanks by the way for your guide.
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Now you must clear data on superuser as you re run unrevoked, you will get force close when opening root apps
  16. meteorbites

    meteorbites New Member

    I'm now running Cyanogen 6.1.1 for HTC Desire (GSM) and so far didn't find or encounter some problems.

    All phone functions is working, SMS, Calls, Data (3G) etc..

    The reason for the root and custom rom so that I can have that Proxy Thingy. This Issue 1273 is getting nowhere -> android proxy - Hanapin sa Google

    Now I'm able to connect and browser through our enterprise network.
  17. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Well-Known Member

    looked over this guide and it seems easy enough, I will try later on.

    My question is, after successfully rooting the phone, will the stock Rom be still in there or do I have to install it? if so, where do I get the stock Rom?

  18. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It replaces HTC recovery with clockwork mod and adds superuser app to your existing Rom.

    It doesn't change your Rom itself.

    Don't forget to check if your erase size is 40000
    burnt_toast likes this.
  19. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Well-Known Member

    thanks for the fast reply.

    as for preparation: the guide doesnt indicate if we should back up all our info first. does rooting erase all information in the phone? ie. apps, contacts, sms
  20. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It wipes nothing. In regards to android all it does is install an application
  21. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Well-Known Member

    how long does the process takes?
  22. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    the process itself takes 10 minutes perhaps
    burnt_toast likes this.
  23. burnt_toast

    burnt_toast Well-Known Member

    SUCCESS!!! WOOO!!! HOOO!!!

    Now what?...

    I would like to remove HTC Sense and other bloatware... can I easily remove these through managing my app or do I need to download other Apps to do these.

  24. DNick

    DNick Well-Known Member

    Lucky people. I'm jealous. I can't wait for the dev team to get my desire rootable.
  25. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I'd recommend a custom rom then. Its the easiest way to go.

    If you want sense less and up-to-date, get gingervillain. Its got some nice extra's too.

    If you want extra clean, theres oxygen but ive not tried it myself. These are both 2.3 roms. Both stable

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