[GUIDE] Rooting & Installing CWM Recovery!

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  1. akhilkapila

    akhilkapila Member

    Dear funbook users i have seen a lot many people are very much confused about rooting the funbook and are using the Sparky Root method and are getting nothing from it.

    Below is a details step by step procedure for getting root in a safe manner.

    For this i am assuming that you have no knowledge and you are doing this for the first time.

    Step 1: Installing ADB Drivers
    Step 2: Installing ClockworkMod Recovery
    Step 3: Installing SuperSU by Chainfire

    Important:If you have completed any of the above steps then you dont have to repeat them.

    First of all download the 2 files in the link below



    Step 1: Installing ADB Drivers

    (i). Extract the ADB folder from the cwm5ics.rar and put it onto your desktop.

    (ii). Then Connect your device with the computer and it will start detecting it. If you haven


  2. akhilkapila

    akhilkapila Member

    -----Reserved for Future Support-----
  3. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Good :)
    Moved to All things root, changed the title to more informative one and Stickied it ;)
  4. sudiptaid

    sudiptaid Well-Known Member

    I have installed super user from android market.. Is not it ok?
    One more thing I have accidentally deleted all internal sd memory.. now i can find any apps, video, song from mmx... What to do?
  5. sudiptaid

    sudiptaid Well-Known Member

    With out pc, Cwm installation possible?
  6. akhilkapila

    akhilkapila Member

    As of now there is no method for doing it without a pc
  7. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    for rooting,
    You do not need to flash anything !

    Just go to Market , then install Superuser app,
    The tab is already rooted ,,,,
  8. adityadeva

    adityadeva Well-Known Member

    from where did you get the CWM recovery. Kaoushik dutta : the guy with nickname clockworkmod, will incorporate the recovery for our device in rom manager if we notify it to him. then we will not need a pc to flash cwm, installing rom manager from market would do.
  9. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    As far as i know,
    FunBook is already rooted ... :eek:
    Hence you just need to Install Superuser app
  10. adityadeva

    adityadeva Well-Known Member

    Special thanks to akhil. Your rom and cwm saved me from visiting mmx service center. My internal memory showed 0 free space and 55mb used.

    None of the service centers are close to where I stay. It is 170 km from work place and > 250 kms from my home town.

    So I flashed my Funbook with the cwm. as usual I got the fun book with adb setup in Linux but when I tried to remount the system using adb a message showed that no device was present.

    So reluctantly I had to use my brother-in-law's win vista. Anyway I could flash cwm successfully as told in akhil's guide. I also flashed his rom. How ever the notification bar switched into phone mode and in settings display was giving error. So finally I have switched to jetmod 5.0.1 by my a70 friend varun. Hey varun, thanks man I cannot live without either your ICS mod for our a70 or your jetmod 5 for my new tablet.
  11. d007123

    d007123 New Member

    pls help

    when i run recovery-install.bat

    permission denied can somone pls help
  12. nathtech

    nathtech New Member

    in recovery-install its stuck on remount succeeded? It wont let me change anything its just a - flashing. Any help?
  13. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    these steps are applicable to p250 alpha too...rite??
  14. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    there is no back button on my funbook p250 alpha...what shud i do..is this even applicable for my tab...???
  15. arunrawat2112

    arunrawat2112 Member

    i've funbook p275 and it doesn't have volume keys. tell me how to root it.
  16. jkanth7

    jkanth7 New Member

    [HELP] Galaxy Pocket S5300 (rooted) LCD dpi change boot loop

    I rooted my Galaxy Pocket lately and installed LCD modder just to try changing the dpi settings. i changed the stock 120 dpi to 160 and clicked save. the phone froze and i had to pull of the battery. after i restart all i get is a boot loop. i get 3 things (1) s5300 logo (2) animated samsung logo (3) flashing samsung logo which appears just before the lock screen appears ( 1 and 2 vibrations during this) and then it loops all over again. as i understand the change i dpi is not supported for my device and it is not loading into the home screen. the solution seems to be editing the build.prop file to reassign the stock dpi value. but to access the file i have to get into adb mode and have the device available in the list. but since debugging mode was not selected before i essentially soft bricked my phone i am not able to access my device in adb mode. i am able to get into recovery mode and download mode tho.any way to edit the build.prop file from this situation??

    im sure i can reflash my phone with a new firmware to get it up and going....but i would loose all my contacts and data on the phone, which unfortunately i hadnt backed up since i wasnt expecting this situation to arise. (my badd!!!!). as far as i know the only thing that prevents my phone from booting up properly is the "LCD density property line" in build.prop. Is there anyway i can just edit it back to my stock setting (dpi 120). ????

    I had come across the term CWM which is said to be an alternative recovery option. does it mean i can get into CWM recovery mode from switched off state with button combos just like i get into android stock recovery menu??? and if dats possible, can i apply an update.zip from my memory card that would change this dpi setting in the build.prop some how?? how can i get clockworkmod into my system without flashing the firmware and erasing the data (without flashing)??? thanks......

    or can i just change/flash the bootloader (which i understand contains all the system files necessary to bootup the phone) using ODIN flash. if so...can i get the stock bootloader from an s5300 user like u?? I know flashing would be the easiest option now..but i just want to go to all extremes to just keep my data if possible in anyway. if there is anyway to have ADB working without debugging mode on or any way to activate debugging mode from the recovery menu or download menu?
    help is much appreciated.....i am travelling now and my phone is unusable......thanks a ton..


    Best Answer
    Hey friends, how to install CWM recovery on funbook p255
    I tried to install cwm recovery onto the device...and after reboot this message is shown in the cwm recovery...:hmmmm2:
    E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can't open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can't open /cache/recovery/last_log

    In the recovery, i can't use the volume up and down keys..:confused:

    Finally i flashed back the stock rom using phoenix suite.
    But i really wanna install CWM recovery in this device to flash mod like pureperformance X, as the tablet is very laggy.
    please help guys..!
  18. mkannanm

    mkannanm Member


    funbook P255 already has a recovery. I tried it by press volume up + power on Key. So disturbing that affects booting itself.



    hey, but can i flash custom roms through that recovery...?
    also is it possible to flash customs roms of funbook p300 on p255 as the specifications are almost the same...or can someone port for our device.
  20. guruprasath19

    guruprasath19 New Member

    i want to reinstall my tablets for micromax funbook
  21. neo0090sf

    neo0090sf New Member

    (ii). Then Connect your device with the computer and it will start detecting it. If you haven
    what to do after that

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