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  1. sounreal

    sounreal Well-Known Member

    Hey open it up and if you are on cm7 take a screen shoot. I'd like to use your settings as a base line. It would be to much testing if I started fresh.

  2. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    I'm back on TG's default CM7 kernel (see if I can get rid of touchscreen & deep sleep issues with theOC v1.5), so don't have undervolt anymore. But when I did have it, my processor could use the lowest value (650 mV in app) for 122-1024 Mhz. So I would just go into incredicontrol after boot up (instead of saving it to apply automatically after every bootup, safer IMO). Just press the lower all values until everything is at 650 (up to 1024 Mhz, the higher ones won't apply if your max freq is at 1024). Then hit apply. If this causes freeze or crash, then you'd have to slowly raise each one at a time. It's tedious, but only needs to be done once for a phone.

    Also to note, as Mantera discovered, there's a voltage regulator that seems to set the lowest value to 800 mV even if in Incredicontrol you can set it to lower, there's no way to verify yet).
  3. csrow

    csrow Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am trying the beta version and it's working for me. I'll try to compare the results between the JD beta vs. 2X battery app which I was using before.
  4. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Well, the Triumph (i.e. the phone forums you are posting this in) doesn't have a battery like that, nor can it run ICS very stably yet. You have over double the battery we have available, it's going to last longer. I don't know how ICS battery life compares to GB, but that can also make a difference.

    That being said you save more battery with that stuff off. But when you have battery with twice as much juice you don't have to worry about it as much.
  5. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    I prefer to keep a light phone with me. To each their own.

  6. that battery is hilariously, ridiculously huge, thus, I love it.

    hahahaha, installing this battery is the fastest easiest way to "brick" your phone. :D
  7. JohnMullet

    JohnMullet New Member

    I get about 2 days on a full charge with avg use and I never go into airplane mode. It drains around 1% on idle. I have a weather widget that pulls data every 30 minutes. I usually charge it when it gets to 20%.

    Toggling GPS on and off is pointless. GPS only comes on when a program needs it, otherwise it's off. Wifi also turns off when the phone is idle so even when I leave it on I dont notice much difference in battery usage.

    The only thing I frequently turn on and off is bluetooth because it uses as much battery as cell standby. I turn this on and off when I get in my car.

    Autosync is always on. Haptic feedback is on. I use a live wallpaper. Auto brightness always on. Transition animations off. (Not to conserve battery but because it feels slightly quicker when navigating my phone.)

    The only monitoring app I use is Battery Monitor Widget and Im not rooted.
  8. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    While it's true that GPS only comes on when apps need it, there are many people who install apps that they didn't know use GPS to find their location, and turning it off in the System Settings is a way to make sure it doesn't drain the battery (or track location for that matter). Same for wifi, having it on but no apps using data in the background is the same as having it off. It's better to only install apps that work properly, but given bugs can be introduced in updates. I prefer to have a master control than to "trust" the app do the right thing properly.

    Also some people, especially those on CM7 or MIUI have to live with a bug that wifi has a constant drain and prevents the phone from going into a deep sleep mode.
  9. Jmelz

    Jmelz Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that this was evident regardless of rom... Is that not the case?
  10. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    I've never spent much time on stock ROM, so it may be working properly on Froyo based ones. I do remember TG saying he added a hack to 2.3 ROMs (CM7/MIUI) that keeps wifi on to make it work properly when screen is off.
  11. Jmelz

    Jmelz Well-Known Member

    Well I know this; when the device is set to put wifi to sleep when screen is off, I have issues reconnecting to wifi. When I have it set to stay on all the time, I have issues reconnecting to wifi. I use miui. I remember having the same problem though with froyo.

    Also, wifi being on prevents phone from going into deep sleep - which sucks.

    I have gotten into the lame habit of turning it on and off when I use it (manually) for downloads at home or work, and for browsing.

    Never had this issue with optimus V. Hate that this is such a nicer phone with in some ways, less functionality, than the v.
  12. FroyoShark

    FroyoShark Well-Known Member

    Here's my Incredicontrol values 61440-1401600
    That was pretty much as low as I could get them without my phone rebooting. I didn't mess with anything above that because I can only overclock my phone to 1401 without it crashing.
  13. some_azn_dude

    some_azn_dude Active Member

    Every time I change my governor in both Cyanogen settings and SetCPU it always changes back to smartassV2. Why won't my changes stick?

    e; nm my profiles were still using smartassV2 derp

    e2; Anyone have a link to that post that went in depth with undervolting? It had suggested values for the triumph. I can't find it here or in the subforum.
  14. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    Every processor is different, just like overclocking, undervolting takes trial and error to find the stable numbers for a certain phone. For overclocking, start low and go up until phone crashes or weird stuff happens. For undervolting, start at stock voltage and drop by 50 mV at a time for each frequency.
  15. odojoe

    odojoe Well-Known Member

    I had been using Juice Defender, then Juice Defender Plus, but found much better battery results using Easy Battery Saver.
  16. tommytebco

    tommytebco Active Member

    I have started using "easy battery saver" in the supermode. This turns off 3G when not in use.

    I now get ariund 24 hours life.

    Also, I stumbled onto holding down the on/off button which gives me one click control of airport mode on (or off)

    Doing this while camping last weekend gave me 2 1/2 days on a battery with near 50 % power remaining. I surfed for email and reading about 2 or three hours a day.

    Downside to Easy battery saver in supermode: There is a 2 or 3 second delay when accessing the browser (or any app which needs web access) for 3G to activate.
  17. alisonc

    alisonc Well-Known Member

    You are a gentleman and a scholar. I couldn't get through a day then Better Battery Stats told me the OKCupid app was keeping a wakelock!!! I left my phone off charger while sleeping and woke up to 81% battery after 10 hours even with 3g on!
  18. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member

    hey so i read the post and must say its a bit much to do for the everyday user. great if you are in the service or what not without a power outlet for DAYS lol.

    i have had my triumph for a few days. what i found to work well is i close the browser when done using it, "menu, exit"
    i also use android assistant app killer a few times a day, i use android assistant because it does not run in background. also use it for cache cleaning etc.

    with this method it is nice and easy and the battery lasts from unplugged at 8 am, to plugging it in at midnight.

    no issues and pretty easy
  19. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Well, they are all suggestions that can help if you have issues. None of this is a requirement. I am glad you get good battery life without any of these tips.

    I would say it doesn't matter if the app killer runs in the background or not, they don't help you out. They work against the OS and don't do anything of worth. The OS can handle that job just fine on it's own. If you have an app causing issues, I would recommend ditching the app altogether.
  20. celticmoon

    celticmoon New Member

    The known 50% cell standby bug that I also had with the Optimus V was happening with this phone as well. It is searching for both a GSM and a CDMA signal at the same time. I downloaded "Network" from the market, set the network to CDMA only, and am watching the Cell Standby percentage drop. Went from 50% to 44% in the 5 minutes since I made the switch. Hoping this will extend the battery life by not having the radio searching all the time unnecessarily. Will also watch to see if it has any side effects. (3G drops, signal issues, etc.) The GSM/CDMA fix mad a huge impact on the OV, I am hoping to get the same here.

    EDIT: Setting to CDMA auto, not CDMA only as it will drop to 1x.

    EDIT: Cell Standby increasing again after switching from CDMA only to CDMA auto. Appears that the drain IS related to the 3G.
  21. Fat32

    Fat32 New Member

    Sorry, double posted...
  22. Fat32

    Fat32 New Member

    The best we can get right now is 2000mah without modified cover. $11.99 is the best deal for 2x2000mah batteries and a charger. Will probably pick it up myself even though I haven't seen any reviews of it.

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices

    There was also 2200 floating around, but I don't see it anymore.
  23. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    Where do you find additional batteries? I've tried Motorola and Virgin Mobile with no luck, and can't find anything at Fry's I'm sure matches.
  24. Fat32

    Fat32 New Member

    I suggest OEM from eBay. Search for Huawei U9000 1600mah. Will be shipped from China for $6 including shipping. I have one running and it lasts longer than the original.
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  25. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    I'll give that a shot after payday. Thanks!

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