[Guide] Using (NEW) FlashTool to Root and Update Baseband 015 for X8

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  1. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Hi, There are some friends who are stuck with Rooting and/or updating to Baseband 015 for Xperia X8.

    I hope writing this guide will help.

    DISCLAIMER: Please use the info below at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

    NEW FlashTool download here <--- [Windows] or [Linux]

    Flashtool is a flashing software that can be used to :
    1) Flash original Images (Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.3 Images)
    2) Root your phone
    3) Install Recovery, Busybox, custom kernels
    4) Clean your Rom (remove /system/apps apps of your choice) (Be careful, unless you really know what you do, do not modify the default list. This can make your phone stuck at the SE Logo)
    5) Clear dalvik cache
    6) Optimize (install of JIT v2) (Disabled in 0.4, will readd it as a plugin for 2.1 phones only)
    7) Customize (installs apps found in the custom/apps folder of the flashtool)
    8) Clean uninstalled (remove any references to system apps removed in the Clean (root needed) step)
    9) Edit any text file on the device
    10) Rebrand your device

    Baseband Package or Baseband Package
    Root Explorer or Root Explorer
    FlashTool for Windows
    FlashTool for Windows

    1) download Baseband.rar and unzip it to desktop
    2) connect X8 to PC (do not mount SD card)
    3) <double click> BASEBAND Folder and launch X10FlashTool.exe

    at this point you should see your Xperia X8 identified by the FlashTool

    4) <click><Root> button and wait for the rooting process to complete
    5) <click><Flash> and <select> [Device] X8i [Version] 2.1.1.A.0.6 [Branding] Baseband_015
    6) <click> ok and wait for the process to complete

    at this point you would have completed the ROOT and Updated to Baseband 015

    [if you don't have a file manager on your phone]
    Install <Astro File Manager> from Android Market

    Install xRecovery to Xperia X8
    Step 1: Mount Xperia X8 (to access SD Card)
    - copy <Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk> to root of SD Card
    - using PC create folder <xRecovery> and unzip xRecovery0.1.rar
    - put the 3 files into the xRecovery folder you've created
    - copy the xRecovery folder to root of SD Card

    Step 2: UnMount Xperia X8 from PC

    Step 3: Launch <Astro> Install <Root Explorer v2.16.apk>

    Step 4: Copy xRecovery files to </system/bin> of your phone
    - Launch <Root Explorer>
    - scroll down to /sdcard <click to access>
    - scroll down to xRecovery folder <click to access>
    - Select each of the 3 files (one by one) <click & hold><copy>
    - <click> parent folder (twice)
    - scroll down to <click to access><system>
    - <click to access><bin> and <click><Mount R/W>
    - press <paste> button

    COPY ALL THE 3 FILES (one by one) FROM xRecovery Folder to </system/bin> folder (i.e. busybox, chargemon and xrecovery.tar)

    Once you have done that... you have installed xRecovery to your Xperia X8

    SHUTDOWN -> Wait 5 seconds and REBOOT

    When you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen - start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times and you will enter the xRecovery Menu.

    USING xRecovery

    Select Buttons = Volume Up & Volume Down Buttons
    Enter Button = Home Button
    Back Button = Back Button

    To BACKUP your Xpedia X8's current ROM
    select <backup and restore><backup> from the menu

    This will create a backup file in your SD Card <SD/xRecovery/backup>

    Note: Typically the backup should be around 256MB in size, so you may want to copy the file to your PC to lighten your 2GB SD Card.

    To RESTORE from a backup of your current ROM
    select <backup and restore><restore> from menu & select the <file_name>

    That's it... Have Fun.

    cheers :)

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  2. heppojo

    heppojo New Member


    I did all the steps but i could not access to xrecovery menu,Please help

    email: eihabo70@aim.com
  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    just troubleshoot the steps.
    1) USB cable working? PC Companion identifies your phone as Xperia X8?
    2) Rooted phone with SuperUser icon? Root Explorer given root access by SuperUser?
    3) Enable <Mount R/W> while copying the three xRecovery files?
    4) copied the three files to /system/bin

    cheers :)
  4. Andy89

    Andy89 New Member

    Hi there!

    I'm newbie on rooting stuff. I want to root my X8 to upgrade from Android 2.1 Eclair to 2.3 Gingerbread, but I've a problem: My phone's Baseband version is XXX06, so I found this thread in order to upgrade the baseband version to XXX15. I've already downloaded all the necessary software but when I'm trying to do step 4 but the Flash tool says: ERROR - Please connect your device and enable USB debugging.

    I've enabled the debugging mode on my phone, and my laptop recognizes it -apparently-, but it still showing the error message.

    Also the Flash tool stays starting adb service, but I don't see it completed, and The app doesn't recognize my phone -like you said before step 4-...Don't know if that could be the problem

    Could anyone help me please?? I'll be thankful
  5. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You need the correct usb drivers for your X8 phone from here <---
    Or you can install PC Companion - launch it - as long as PC Companion detects your phone as Xperia X8, you are good to go.

    cheers :)
  6. poxtron

    poxtron New Member

    Hi I am trying to flash my x8 but this error apears:

    "Please install or reinstall device drivers from drivers folder"

    I downloaded de drivers from the link above but they are pasword protected, I reinstalled pc companion and still can't get it to flash the device I get the same error...
  7. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Just some troubleshooting...

    Launch PC Companion and connect your X8 smartphone to PC does PC Companion identify your Xperia X8? If yes... minimize PC Companion and run FlashTool and you are good to go.

    IF No... you got a USB cable problem, or USB port problem.

    cheers :)
  8. tamerelturky

    tamerelturky Well-Known Member

    i need program Flashtool in midiafire uplouad plz for windows
  9. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    Added the FlashTool download link for MediaFire as requested.

    cheers :)
  10. nil22

    nil22 Well-Known Member

    plz i need SEMC USB FLASH driver for x8...i searched a lot but i couldn't find/download it...either the file was deleted or restricted,so i couldn't download it...if u have it then plz give me a working download link...i am wiling to change my basebandversion to xxxx15 thatsy i am asking SEMC HSUSB FLASH driver...
  11. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You can try here...

    X8 Drivers

    cheers :)
  12. nil22

    nil22 Well-Known Member

    I have this driver installed but still when I want to update my baseband version I cant...am already rooted but when I want to flash using flashtool my mobile is not recongnized... semc umc driver is not installed for my x8
  13. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    If you launch PC Companion and if it recognise Xperia X8 then minimize the application then run Flashtool it should work.

    If PC Companion cannot recognise Xperia X8 when you plug your phone in then you have to troubleshoot... faulty cable, faulty usb port, .NET framework not installed etc...

    cheers :)
  14. sunsril

    sunsril Active Member

    Last week, i flashed gingerfast rom and it was working fine. HOwerver,
    I missed the Gingerdx user friendliness. and also i wasn't able to get into xrecovery mode or CWM mode.

    Hence, this week i copied xrecovery files and got it working, but unfortunately the phone stuck at SE Logo.

    Then with help of xrecovery i flashed the gingerfast v2 again and got it working last night, both the xrecovery and gingerfast were working to my joy.

    However, happiness didn't last, since anyway i flashed the gingerfastv2 freshly, i thought i could try the gingerdx and tried to change the rom to
    GingerdX V23. and that was the greatest mistake i did.

    Now the phone doesn't boot into xrecovery nor it boots into gingerdx.

    It just hangs at SE logo.

    I searched for information on flashing and found it too complicated, hence took it to Sony Service and they took my phone and said to come in the evening. ( No warranty as it has passed one year )

    I am too scared now, if they are not able to recover my phone, I am doomed.
  15. robsario

    robsario New Member

    Hello... I have a question. I'm noob in this sort of things...
    What could happen if I change my baseband? I'm from Argentina, does it have anything to do with it?
    I trying to install GingerDX 0.28 or CyanogenMOD... but I can't get the cwmr3minipro working. Although I can boot using xrecovery. Already done a backup. Should I change the baseband in order to install cwmr3minipro? Or may I try to install GingerDX 0.28 as it is???
    Actually I don't know which one is better... GingerDX o CyanogenMOD. Can anyone help me a little bit?
    Thank you in advance!
  16. robsario

    robsario New Member

    Now I get this message:

    INFO - Processing loader
    INFO - Checking header
    INFO - Ending flash session
    ERROR -
    ERROR - Error flashing. Aborted
    INFO - Device connected in flash mode

    and I'm not able to change the baseband... what can I do? :confused:

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