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  1. GNS1310

    GNS1310 Well-Known Member

    So just taking a quick peek on YouTube, I found a bunch of iPhone guitar apps and people actually playing covers on them. I'm sure the android market has something as good, anyone have one? Use one?
    I'll be getting the Droid Incredible asap, just prepping myself for some sweet app downloads when I get it!

  2. nayar311

    nayar311 New Member

    robotic guitar... it's a nice one, and gstring is a guitar tuner... very nice.
  3. Fadelight

    Fadelight Well-Known Member

  4. GNS1310

    GNS1310 Well-Known Member

    Bumping this my phone today and can't find a good guitar app I like. Every one of them just has chords you can play. Am I missing something? I've only tried free apps. I just want an empty fretboard, something like this: YouTube - Iphone/Itouch Pocket Guitar app- Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
    If I could move up and down the fretboard too that would be sweet. Any ideas?
  5. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    I want Guitar Toolkit for my EVO. I had it on my iPhone and will miss it greatly!! Somebody please write something comparable...

    Agile Partners - GuitarToolkit
  6. DaveS024

    DaveS024 Well-Known Member

    Try Solo Guitar Lite....pretty cool app
  7. j3yps

    j3yps Member

    I agree...this IS a nice app...
  8. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    Wish I could write code. There isn't much out there yet in the Android market for pro guitar tools. :-(

    Guitar Toolkit is listed as one of the top grossing apps on the iTunes app store, and at $10 per download, that has to be some serious cash. I contacted the developer and they told me they have no plans to port their app to the Android market. I have no idea why, as the potential for a comparable Android app has to be HUGE!

    If there is a developer out there that needs assistance in putting something like Guitar Toolkit together, I would be happy to lend a hand from a technical advisory perspective. I also own a graphic arts company, so the UI graphics possibilities are endless.
  9. rvjimzhr

    rvjimzhr New Member

    Last comment in this thread was 6 months ago. Is there yet a good Android app to compare with those on iPhone?
  10. ArtGuy

    ArtGuy Well-Known Member

    Well, I haven't found anything as robust as Toolkit. But I did find 2 apps that are getting the job done pretty well. The gStrings tuner is pretty good, and Fretter for guitar chord finder is really good. In my opinion, the best chord finder I have seen.
  11. jackRing

    jackRing New Member

    Hey all,
    I'm a software developer by day and 'Metal-Guitarist' by weekend. I've really honed my chops on guitar over the years and found a way to make an app that puts them to good use. Anyway, It is my second phone app and want people to try it out and feed back. It is called Guitar GizMoe. I finally have it on iTunes and it has been on Android marketplace for a few months.

    This app was built as a way to remember guitar riffs that I have written. Recently, I was invited to an impromptu jam session and found that I had trouble remembering many of my guitar riffs. It is just good fun to mess around with by mixing and matching different rythms and harmonizing them on top of each other. It makes me feel like I do when jamming with other musicians. I hope others would find it fun too!

    I'm not sure if I should turn it into a learning tool?
  12. D2R2

    D2R2 Member

    Sorry Jack but my phone still has Android 2.1 so I couldn't test your app...
  13. D2R2

    D2R2 Member

  14. Stickball

    Stickball New Member

    Hi art guy
    I am brand new to this forum but would like to contact you
    Privately to ask about a droid project. Please give me a private way we can commo.
  15. Stickball

    Stickball New Member

    I have an interest in what you have said any chance of sharing some ideas?

  16. cooltouch

    cooltouch Member

    My first post to the forum. If I might resurrect this thread -- I'm a guitarist and I found out from a Guitar Center employee the other day that there are iPhone apps that turn the iPhone into an effects processor/amp simulator. One uses a special cable to jack their guitar into the phone. Apparently there are apps that do this and also allow the playing of backing tracks so you have something to play along with as well. Always nice. I've been looking for something like this for Android but so far have come up empty-handed. Just wondering if anybody here might have heard of something similar?
  17. goinovr

    goinovr New Member

    One of these on iStuff is called iShred. and you use a Griffon guitar cable to connect into your phone. Not sure if the developer has anything going for Android yet. Would be sweet though.

    iShred LIVE - iPhone and iPad Guitar Effects!
  18. jakev

    jakev New Member

    has anybody found anything close to garageband with guitar multitrack recording and different effects?
  19. molnarimre

    molnarimre New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm lookin for an app that works like Ishred on IOS.
    Any ideas?
  20. molnarimre

    molnarimre New Member

  21. F0nix

    F0nix New Member

  22. jamgrid

    jamgrid New Member


    I've created a new application called "JamGrid" that allows to auto-play a cool backtrack (drums, bass, rythm) based on the capture of a simple chord grid.
    Once your chord grid is defined, just pick a musical style (rock, jazz, bossa, ...) and the embedded automatic harmonizer will play the backtrack accordingly.

    Then, let's go for hours of jam and improvisation !

    Please have a look at it. It's totally free !
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  23. D2R2

    D2R2 Member

  24. Nevpaurion

    Nevpaurion Active Member

    Whoa, I'll have to look into this jamgrid, that sounds awesome for some light practice.

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