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  1. Rick76

    Rick76 Member

    I regularly flip back and forth between iPhone 4S and my Note. Hadn't used my Note in about 3 weeks and decided to switch over. No new apps and was working fine when retired 3 weeks ago. Plugged it in last night (not on) and charged overnight. Pulled it out of the charger this morning, took the back off, pulled the battery, installed my SIM, put it all back together and pressed the Start button.

    Got the familiar buzz then start-up screen, seemed to boot up fine but once I got to the home screen for about 3 seconds, the phone shut off and rebooted again. At this point it was an endless cycle, at least 3 times before I pulled the battery.

    Pulled the battery, took the SIM out, put it all back together and tried to restart. Nothing. Completely dead. Put it in the charger and all i get is a buzz like on start-up about every 3 seconds....continuously. Took it out of the charger and tried every combination of hard buttons and soft buttons to get something/anything to happen. Nothing.

    Fired up Kies on my laptop, updated to the latest version (don't use it that much) then plugged in the Note. Nothing. Well, I do get the same buzz every 3 seconds as I did in the charging dock but that's it. The battery was completely healthy 3 weeks ago giving me at least 16 hours per day between charges. I have again pulled the battery and will let it sit for a couple of hours but I am stumped.

    Any ideas?

  2. Rick76

    Rick76 Member

    Ok, so I was able to get my Note running but there is still an unusual problem. After much playing around the only way I was able to get it to turn on was to insert the battery and turn it on BEFORE I put the back cover on. If the cover is on, it will not turn on.

    So it appears there is something going on with the 2 gold contacts on the inside of the back cover, or not, in this case. Any ideas?
  3. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    Have a really good look at your battery to see if there are any deformities on it. If there is, then you will need a new battery.

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