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Guy who is suing Samsung over Froyo update releases rap song about it

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  1. hepcat91179

    hepcat91179 New Member

    The former T-Mobile member and current XDA forum poster Sinista(Mic Beast) has released a theme song to add to the many posts about the missing Froyo update for our Samsung Vibrants. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Maybe after hearing this the good people at Samsung will step up and get our updates out. I think if they don't they will be awash in bad publicity once this hits all of the major radio stations, MTV and Fuse. Think of the embarassment a Samsung exec might feel when out at a club and this song comes on?


    Samsung Vibrant w/Nero 5

  2. nyc3

    nyc3 New Member

    You may want to check your sources as this guy never had a lawyer and is doing this to promote his singing. Its been proven and the thread was locked over at xda. The guy is a bit of a loose screw who cant be taken serious, you may want to correct that he never even had a lawyer secured nor did he file anything. It was all a ruse, and now he has all these peoples information for god knows what.
  3. jree

    jree Well-Known Member

    Rap sucks

    Especially his song. I didn't get passed the part that i heard his voice
  4. hepcat91179

    hepcat91179 New Member

    I am aware of the fact he never had a lawyer. I was just pointing out another attempt by him to get people behind his insanity. My post was sarcastic in intent and unfortunately it was not taken that way. I do not know how anyone has fallen for this and why they would give out their information. These same people probably also have money being deposited into their bank accounts from a source in Nigeria.

    I am glad his post has been locked at XDA and hopefully they ban him from the forums just as Tmo did. This person obviously needs attention and a good institution to call home.

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