GW620 and 1.6

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  1. bikbok

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  2. britbloke

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    Yeah, this has been known for a couple of months now. It was the Canadian customers of Rogers that demanded LG / Rogers update to 1.6. It's amazing that they both listened to the public outcry!

    Here's the link to the original thread.
  3. Jay-Eff

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    The date in the link from the original poster is also saying Feb 04. So yup! old stuff! :p
  4. fuchsix

    fuchsix Member

    I'm anxiously awaiting this update... I hope they come through soon (hint hint, Mary!).

    The last I heard ( I asked LG last week) was that it is still only planned for "Spring" release.
  5. bikbok

    bikbok Well-Known Member

    Ah ok, I thought it was april the 2nd, doh!
  6. OldGaf

    OldGaf Member

    So........ can we get a release date?

  7. fuchsix

    fuchsix Member

    I haven't seen Rogers Mary around in a while. I hope she pops in here soon.
  8. OldGaf

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    So... we are 1/3 of the way through spring.... had anyone heard anything?
  9. OldGaf

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    Into June.... still nothing.......
  10. GreatBigDog

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    It's delayed until September, I received an email from LG spokesperson today about it. LG internal Delays were cited as the reason that it will not be ready. I was also told that due to technical limitations in the phone, it will not ever be receiving Android 2.1

  11. drowned.rat

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    LG Eve - first and last LG phone I ever buy. I love it & hate it. And worse is that I hate myself for actually thinking I may regret not getting an iPhone.
  12. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    Well even on Android 1.5 I like mine. specially since my firmware update to 10f which solve 90% of my problems. I rarely get, I mean very rarely get the black screen of death since then. Phone never froze either.

    beside that stupid blutooth limitation with no obx file transfer I can say that my phone is doing everything that I expected. I have only one issue to complain about and it's the one just said above. So far, great phone.
  13. andymazdamp3

    andymazdamp3 Member I work for Rogers and have asked the tech guys in the Rogers forum about the update and this is what I got for a response...Guy seems sincere and is looking into the matter...Here is the first post and the response...

    I read everywhere that ROGERS was going to provide the android owners with an upgrade. There are so many of us what were hoping for android 2.1 however from what I can tell we were promised 1.6 by spring time however it is now July and absolutely nothing??? Several people on a dozen Android forums have sent emails to rogers and have not received any answers in regards to this....I am hopping that I can get an answer here in regards to any updates on the android handsets? Please help us...Seems like every other company is jumping on the android user driven bandwagon except for Rogers. We need something to compete with the Iphone!!!! Thanks
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    Wireless Tech
    Re: Where is the promised LG EVE android upgrade 1.6 or 2.1???
    Hi Andymp3

    I too have been hearing for some time we will be getting the 1.6 & 2.1 Android softwares but have not been given a specific date. After doing some reasearch I have been told we will be releasing many new software updgrades in early august including Android 2.1 updates for some of our other devices. In order to try and give you a specific response I have escalated this question to see if I can give you something more concreet. The turn around time I have been given for this answer is a week, I hope to have more information for you then.
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  14. salmanahmad

    salmanahmad Member

    dear guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    dear i just purchase gw620,but dont know how to install any application.
    my mob have no market icon available
  15. salmanahmad

    salmanahmad Member

    dear friends

    dear i just purchase gw620,but dont know how to install any application.
    my mob have no market icon available

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