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  1. MrEVIL

    MrEVIL Member

    Hi, i recently switched to Cyanogen, and love the OS so much, but it seems the sensors not working proper..

    My son loves playing that temple run game, and before i installed cyanogen it worked great, but now when he plays the person running is on the right side of screen even when on flat table, idk how to sort it, and ive tried reading all over the net, i hope someone can assist.. tyvm..

    SO when playing Temple Run with phone upright with the person running is stuck to the right, and same in all sensor apps..

    I have the latest stable mod, and the LG Optimus 2x from FIDO..

    I have also tried the figure eight, and tried using compass apps to calibrate, but still no go.. Plz help someone..

    thx so much.. I appreciate all the effort to assist me..

  2. MrEVIL

    MrEVIL Member

    any help anyone?? i've tried flashing other roms, but still having same problem? thx for your help..
  3. MrEVIL

    MrEVIL Member

    I still cant get this sorted

    its very weird though, cause its liek the sensor is just off to the right a bit, as when playing temple run or similar, the runner will still run in a strait line, he is just off to the right of the screen instead of in the center, and i cant figure out what to do to sort it..

    I hope one of the very smart people aroudn this forum cant help find a fix..

    thx so much for the help
  4. You may just need to Flash back to stock and send it in to LG...

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