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H***acious Alarm Clock?

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  1. itmike

    itmike Well-Known Member

    I am a very HEAVY sleeper and the old beep doesn't work for me. I have tried just about every alarm clock that says "Extra" Loud. Though all they do is beep and music generally doesn't work. Though the palm centro had a alarm that if I set the 5 alarms and had them playing each 32x times per alarm as loud as possibly set apart 5 min. by the end of the 25 min of alarms I could manage to hopefully get up. The tone was called treo for those of you that possibly know that tone on the palm os. The only way that I can think of to describe it, was a bell that rang and it hurt your ear drums like it made your ear twinge if that makes sense. So is there an alarm on the market place that could possibly be this irritating or possibly worse?

  2. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    what is that word?? -> H***acious :confused:

    anyway, i suppose your best bet would be to get some loud annoying mp3 clip (make it louder with audacity or something similar) and use that with any app
  3. itmike

    itmike Well-Known Member

    The word is Hell... shouldnt get in trouble for that right? (Still new around here, not sure how strict things are.)

    Well with the stock alarm I put similar tone to it but it quit after a short bit and didn't actually wake me.
  4. RedMist

    RedMist Well-Known Member


    Bring out the banstick! :D
  5. mahnameisjerik0

    mahnameisjerik0 Active Member

    HAHAH that just made me lol
  6. negreenfield

    negreenfield Well-Known Member

    The alarms that come with Beautiful Widgets are incredibly annoying.
  7. brnr17

    brnr17 Well-Known Member

    most of the rings on the stock alarm clock are annoying ... and its loud as h@ll! i dont knjow how someone could sleep through that

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