H3030 Quad Band Dual SIM Spreadtrum SC6820 2.3.9 Cortex A5

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  1. Vijayan

    Vijayan Well-Known Member

    I recently got a china "H3030 Quad Band Dual SIM 3.5" Spreadtrum SC6820 2.3.9 Cortex A5". I have rooted the device with Z4root and the problem is CWM is not there in this phone and would like to know if i can install CWM. If so how & where could i find the same. Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thanking in advance

  2. ninenine

    ninenine New Member

    I also have that phone, "Spreadtrum SC6820 2.3.9 Cortex A5 V2.3.9". As far as I know, there is no CWM yet. I bricked my phone.And the phone is now just stucked in bootloop. I can't use "adb shell" commands. I can't use fastboot.exe. There is still no way to unbrick. I'm trying and and if I get CWM for that phone, I'll post it.
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  3. Vijayan

    Vijayan Well-Known Member

    @ ninenine
    Sir, sorry to hear about ur phone getting bricked. I managed to get the phone rooted thru Z4root and removed the unwanted apps. Phone is pretty good performance wise. After going thru various forums, i tried my best to get the phone to recovery mode but instead it goes into factory mode. I do hope u soon get ur phone unbricked and help me also in porting some good roms thru recovery. I am a newbie to these kind of things and ur help will be much appreciated. Thanks for the reply and awaiting for the much needed help .......
  4. Intex12345

    Intex12345 Member

    How did you Root using Z4Root. Mine device with same specification gets hanged up and nothing happens.
    Please guide, if any step I may have skipped.
  5. SHIFU786

    SHIFU786 Member

    i need recovery mode for
    build id :mocordroid 2.3.5 w12.20_p20.01
    fingerprint: f950_hongnian_a380_RK_FIEZ-513_USR_P=GV1.0_2013_06_2
    build id:mocordroid2.3.5
    brand and mfg.rer:sprd
    model: p400
    kernel version xutz@xutz #3
    baseband version: DM_BASE_12A_W12.43|SPHS_modem|11-02-2012 17:53:08
    screen 4" inch.

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