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  1. nstg8r

    nstg8r Well-Known Member

    That's it. I've traded my Transform in for a shiny new Epic. Out of the box, Linpack = 14, Quad = 1048. There will be no looking back.

    My suggestion to anyone looking to upgrade theirs and who aren't eligible for a discount: Go to one of those mall kiosks and not a Sprint store or Best Buy. Those guys are definitely willing to wheel and deal with you.

    Thanks to all those on this sub-forum for all their help. See y'all over on the Epic forum. :cool:

  2. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Sadly I won't be seeing you on any Epic forums. Ill be getting an Evo. Anyway, what do you mean kiosk? Whats so different about the small mall booths and what did they do for you?
  3. nstg8r

    nstg8r Well-Known Member

    Sprint stores and Best Buy prices are set by their corporate headquarters. The smaller retailers work on commission and have a little more leeway in setting their prices. Because I wasn't eligible for an upgrade, if I had gone to BB or Sprint I would have to pay the full price ($499.99) for this phone. Instead, I paid $248.99 plus I traded in my Transform for a $54 credit.
  4. caspermi

    caspermi Member

    Were you in contract or off contract? If in contract, did you have to extend your contract? Also, if you were in contract and did not have the the new $10 smartphone fee, were you charged the extra $10 monthly fee for the new phone?
  5. nstg8r

    nstg8r Well-Known Member

    In contract; didn't extend contract; added $10 Premium Data.
  6. Renlaan

    Renlaan Active Member

    Awesome and congrats! I'm sooo ready to do the same. If only this phone worked better, or how its suposed to I'd keep it. Too many little goofey things wrong with it. I've thrown it across the room many times shattering it into several pieces, suprised its still working...
    Thanks for the Kiask tip, I'll try that when I'm ready!

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