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  1. parker

    parker Member

    1. forward a text or mms message to other contacts

    2. copy/paste a portion of an existing text message into a new text message.

    3. delete a single text message without deleting the whole string.

    4. rename a folder i've created on any of the home screens. for instance, in an attempt to clean up my home screen i thought i'd create a few folders, and put related apps inside a single folder, ie, i'd put youtube, videoplayer, music, pictures, camers, etc in the AudVid folder. and continue the process for other related apps, but i haven't found a way to change 'folder' to 'AudVid'.

    5. does the app AnyCut do macro's at all? for instance, i routinely send the same messages to some of my staff at different times. with AnyCut i can get right to the contact i want and the window opened up, but i still have to drag the keyboard open and type in the same message. or am i not using AnyCut correctly?

    6. i saw 'shapewriter' in the android developer challenger and would love, even pay, to have it. i can't find it, or anything similar for the android OS, or am i overlooking something somewhere. i saw another program call 'swype' on engadget.com which does the same thing, and either/both look awesome on their demo vids. would also be great to not have to open the keyboard simply to type out 'ok', 'sure', 'yeah', etc as a reply to a text message.

    7. i read in a post by someone on here that the screen is glass, and therefore, relatively scratch resistant. when i bought mine, the sales guy said it's hard plastic, not glass, so i've been keeping my screen well covered till the protector i ordered (invisishield....hope i don't regret that after reading some other's feedback on that product) gets here and on my G1. any official word on the screen composition?

    i'm sure there are/will be more later, but would really appreciate any insight with these issues and hope they help some other newbies too!

    thanks in advance!

  2. I can help you out with one thing, to change a folder name

    select the folder and long press on the top bar where it says folder, a box will pop up to rename it
  3. to just delete one message instead of the whole thread, select the message you want to delete and long press, scroll down and u can just delete that message
  4. lkosova

    lkosova Well-Known Member

    You can cc other parties in a message and Anycut does single shortcuts and yes a macro maker would be great and I assume will see one shortly as things evolve.

  5. Android0523

    Android0523 Well-Known Member

    To forward long press the message and you get different options, one of them is forward.
  6. parker

    parker Member

    THANKS! for all the quick replies! such easy solutions to my probs....if life in general could be so simple for everyone...LONG PRESS...LONG PRESS....LONG PRESS....lol

    thanks again to all! this site rules :)
  7. parker

    parker Member


    7. Adding the phone number from a text msg to your contact list. now that i know to long press everywhere before scratching my head, i used this method (indirectly) to add a text msg phone number to my contact list:

    a. select the text msg whose phone number you want to add to your contacts.
    b. long press the msg
    c. unfortunately, there is no 'add to contacts' button to press, but the 'call' button is there. i then hit the call button and as soon as the phone starts dialing, quickly hit the 'end call' key.
    d. the phone number in question will now appear in your phone log, and by long pressing it, you'll have the option to add it to your contacts.

    not the most simple method i could imagine to do this, but it works. maybe someone here knows an easier way?? beats writing the number down on paper and entering it from scratch tho....
  8. parker

    parker Member

    oops '7' should have been an '8'.

    9. is it me or a setting i have wrong, but i'm really missing the word completion my dash would do for me while texting and emailing. i especially loved how it would almost inately know which words i wanted to use (presumeably by some pitting the first few characters i've typed against the message i'm replying to; used most recently; or some other magic method). i'm now typing out the whole complete words....makes me *really* hungry for a 'swype' or 'shapewriter' app soon. as in yesterday!

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