Had no clue how awesome a gyroscope in a phone was until I watched this...

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  1. tx_brandon

    tx_brandon Well-Known Member

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  2. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    yeh, iphone 4 still beats us in this
  3. apollooff320

    apollooff320 Well-Known Member

    I don't play games on my phone so I don't care. Let me know when a useful app comes out that uses it beside kiddie games.
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  4. sjones302

    sjones302 Active Member

    that is bad @ss !
  5. CPR

    CPR Well-Known Member

    I'd rather go to a real gun range, but neat, I guess.
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  6. tx_brandon

    tx_brandon Well-Known Member

    How about you can go to a real gun range AND have a gyroscope in your phone at the same time, MMmmmm mutually exclusive discussion.
  7. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see a comparison between using the Gyroscope and using just the Accelerometer + compass. Have you guys played Sniper vs Sniper? I believe it uses the Accelerometer and compass and lets you aim in the same way. Though it seems that the gyroscope is a lot more accurate and sensitive.
  8. wvuametz

    wvuametz Member

    Takes the moniker of "iToy" to a whole new level. I'll take a man's phone, thanks.

    Silly iPhone, tricks are for kids.
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  9. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    The guy is speaking a foreign language. No idea what he is saying. :)
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  10. unkillable

    unkillable Member

    You say that like you wouldn't trade your evo4g for a gyroscope packing evo4g. I'm no Apple fan boy but I know when to give props when they are due and this is one really cool feature.

    Still, this 4. 3 inch screen has taken my heart lol, I hope an android phone like the evo comes packing similar hardware
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  11. CPR

    CPR Well-Known Member

    You should move on to iLounge, or break down and buy the Evo - if you ever had the intention to do so.
  12. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Despite it being a "really cool feature", until it see's some real practical use or new functionality, that we don't already have, it's only a gimmick.
  13. tx_brandon

    tx_brandon Well-Known Member

    I'd call entertaining, more interactive gameplay a practical use for those that enjoy the game. Functionality? Gyroscope seems pretty functional to me. Did you mean function in a way that's useful and practical specifically for you?
    I own zero Apple products and honestly did want the EVO a month ago. Heck, I even have accessories here (screen protector and case) that I might not end up using if I decide to go with something else.
  14. CPR

    CPR Well-Known Member

    From your posts, it seems like an iPhone is what you really want/need. I have a 3GS for sale, but it doesn't have a gyroscope. :)
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  15. tx_brandon

    tx_brandon Well-Known Member

    Im really looking to purchase a current smart phone but thanks for the offer. I believe the 3GS would be a step down from, Droid X, EVO, and Galaxy S Pro.
    iPhone 4 is appealing just cause of the overall polished package including the widely supported app store but a larger display really wins me over and Id rather have a larger screen than higher pixel density.
  16. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Well-Known Member

    I just really wish HTC would make a superior device (especially when it comes to build quality), and market it against the iPhone, market it directly, then offer it on multiple carriers.
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  17. seigex

    seigex Well-Known Member

    As a pilot I can see some practical use having flight software on your phone for emergency in case you get an electrical failure at night ... or a vaccuum/gyro failure during the day flying VFR or IFR ... I could see some real world business applications that could use the accuracy of having a gyro on board.. so don't discount the use of a Gyro... and the company that makes them said it charges less than $1 per axis.. so its not like they're expensive

    it would just be nice if it was accompanied by an open source OS that has fewer restrictions in the market and on signed code... e.g. Android
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  18. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    I think it's William Wallace. He said "It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom...or the ability to place a call"
  19. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    ANY kind of practical use. Gaming is not a practical use. As a "serious" gamer(oxymoron?), I don't understand all the fuss about having great games on a cell phone with no buttons and limited control styles.
  20. unkillable

    unkillable Member

    Any chance of any evo gyroscope add on accessory? Lol
  21. KAuss

    KAuss Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's called an EVO motion plus LOL...

    This is where you gotta give it to Apple though... After Nintendo put their Motion Plus addon out to the market, I wasn't a believer until I actually tried it... It really works...

    IMO, if I'm not paying more for the gyro, I don't mind... It isn't something on my short list of what I need on a phone...
  22. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    I prefer gyrofleshlights
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  23. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    LOL well alrighty then
  24. RaiseUp151z

    RaiseUp151z Well-Known Member

    is it on sale?
  25. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Maybe I missed something, how is this different from accelerometers?

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