had to do fastboot, now sim card unrecognised

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  1. ST83

    ST83 Member

    Hi there,
    My htc desire has the common problem of over heating then rebooting. Last nite it wouldn't boot at all and was stuck on the purple circle loading icon.
    I did the volume down + power, did a fast boot. But now the phone is not recognising my sim card. It's originally a tmobile phone and has been unlocked, is it possible its been relocked to the network?

    I tried this with no luck - Unlock HTC Desire Free - The giffgaff community

    Please help!


  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    What did you actually do when it was in fastboot mode?

    Fastboot is a mode that allows you to flash updates over usb (quite limited unless you have a modified hboot). So unless you fastboot flashed something, just putting it into fastboot will have done nothing at all to your phone.
  3. ST83

    ST83 Member

    Ah really? I pressed vol down +power button, selected fastboot and pressed the power button to select.

    Pre all this - sim card was working fine.
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    And when you were in fastboot mode I guess you selected reboot?

    TBH I think that fastboot was probably a red herring. The problem is more likely to be a result of the overheating incident.

    You don't know anyone with a T-Mobile SIM you could use to check whether the phone is actually relocked or whether it's stopped recognising any SIMs?

    When you've pulled the battery (to interrupt the bootloop) how long did you leave it out for? Try a couple of minutes, to make sure that everything has discharged. A bit of a long shot, but costs nothing.

    Unfortunately the only real fix for the overheating problem is a replacement motherboard. If the phone is out of warranty (2 years from HTC) then that won't be a cheap option.
  5. ST83

    ST83 Member

    I selected fastboot, there was no reboot option. It was fastboot, recovery, clear storage or simlock.

    Hmm, I can try and see if someone has a tmobile sim. I'm waiting to try my sim in my friends when he gets home to see if that works. I have an old working nokia, but its got a pincode which i can't remember!

    I'll try the battery option too thanks!

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