Halfway through flashing DX to metropcs, CDMA would not accept my .txt file

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    I have rooted my 2.3.4 DX and am trying to fully flash to metropcs. According to the instructions found at Say Buh-Bye to VZW, I was able to create the COM port referred to in section #1, and the .txt and .zip in #2.

    1. First problem I had was in section #3. CDMA would not accept my .txt file for the NV part (xxxxxxxxxx.@mymetropcs.com_cdmaws27). I used my number in place of the x's as instructions indicated. I had to close down by that time of night. Noticed that I had no "service" bars and can not make a call.

    2. Now I try to start the process over and can't create a COM port in section #1. I assume it has to do with having changed the phone through section #2.
    Any suggestion?


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