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Halp with GBA app!

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  1. Captspankey

    Captspankey New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 22, 2010
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    Okay first off, Total noob here when it comes to this whole technical stuff haha. I'm around electronics and stuff a lot but for the life of me I am terrible at this stuff. I'm using an Mytouch 3g android and downloaded the GBA app.. For about an HOUR i've been googleing around trying to find out how exactly to get it set up.. Sooo many threads explaining how to do this simple task I know, But I still can not figure it out. (Just got this phone) I basically completely need my hand to be held. Anyways.. I understand everything from downloading the gba_bios.bin.. But I CAN NOT figure out how to put it into the SD file or whatever.. Can someone please sloowly walk me through this?

    Any help, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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