Hancent with Google Voice for SMS

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  1. ferngolf

    ferngolf Member

    Can you use Handcent with Google voice?
    I know it will only do SMS, but I cant seem to configure.
    I do not have a texting plan, I am not a big texter, but on occasion, I would like to do it. I can do it inside GoogleVoice app, but want the Handcent features.
    I have searched here and other forums and cant get a simple clean answer.

  2. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

  3. sarek79

    sarek79 New Member

    When you get a reply, if you're forwarding SMS sent to your GV number to your real phone number, you can reply from any SMS app you want.
  4. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    FYI: SMS PopUp. Configure to show "reply (to phone #)". Hit that Reply button, and you'll be dumped into GV's compose screen.

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