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  1. JAJameson2010

    JAJameson2010 Well-Known Member

  2. acrbill

    acrbill Well-Known Member

    One thing to consider with any of these devices is that you will lose the ability to use a vehicle dock and possible a desk top dock.
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  3. JAJameson2010

    JAJameson2010 Well-Known Member

    The FlyGrip guy and I both seem to think it might still work with the universal car mount off ebay. So I bought a green flygrip and then bought a green replacement phone back off ebay for $9. So even if it's not easily removable I'll be ok :)

    I'm so excited! Hope they both get here soon! I'll report back with my love/hate conclusion
  4. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

    I will add the Seidio Active Case has that rear "kickstand" that can double duty as an aid in one handed holding the device


  5. HandAble

    HandAble New Member

    First, thanks to DYH for kicking off this discussion. I'm David Block with HandAble. It's completely understandable for folks to have apprehension about using some of these devices on there expensive mobile devices. Products like Flygrip, Thing Sling and HandAble are fairly new to the market, and there is (in our experience) a bit of a learning curve to understand how they work, and how secure they will be on your devices.

    Speaking for HandAble, we have spent an enormous amount of time (nearly 2 years in our case) making HandAble as secure as can be, while making the removal of our product fairly effortless, leaving NO residual adhesive on your phone. We use a 3M product that has a Very High Bond, but comes off with no mess.

    Our adhesive will work on your phones back, and most cases. There are some materials, though, that pose a problem, such as Gel Cases which tend to have a 'silky' finish. But, if your case has a smooth hard shell back, your good to go.

    I'm sure the good folks at Flygrip and Thing Sling have put their products through the same rigorous testing that we have. And, after almost 2 years of development we're confident that HandAble is as comfortable a feel, and secure a hold, as you'll get in a mobile device holder.

    If you're in Southern California, you can find us Sundays through the holidays at the Orange County Marketplace in Costa Mesa.
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  6. mikeymil

    mikeymil New Member

    Hello all. I'm a user of HandAble. I have one on my phone as well as my I-Pad. Being that the HandAble works on the I-Pad and I don't have issues of it slipping off, I think that speaks to the durability and how well it attaches to the devices. It's also comfortable to use and doesn't bite into my fingers like other, harder material holders would. Based on my experiences so far, I would use the HandAble on any of my hand-held devices...I hope this review helps with your decisions.

  7. JAJameson2010

    JAJameson2010 Well-Known Member

    I could see one of the cats going after that string on the Handable and getting my fingers instead! Evil little monsters...

    I think it would be a great marketing ploy for all three devices to sell or give an options of a cheap extra phone backing. That way it would wipe away any worries/doubts about the adhesive messing anything up.

    I just ordered one off ebay for $8. I bet if you were to buy in bulk you could get that price down and it would add to the consumer experience
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  8. HandAble

    HandAble New Member


    LOL! Could make for a cute cat picture though. We realize that some people may not want to adhere anything to their phones, so we are doing just what you suggest... we've obtained stock of some very nice cases, and have begun to offer them, along with the purchase of a HandAble, for an additional $5. They will be added to our website early next week.
  9. hardyintl

    hardyintl Member

    Johnny has also invented an integrated phone mount. ThingSling locks into place for a perfect fit. We've been doing a soft launch the last few weeks.

    Here are a couple of pictures:

    ThingSling's Photos | Facebook
    ThingSling's Photos | Facebook

  10. ThaiM

    ThaiM Well-Known Member

    Thing Sling looks the least ridiculous. But I'd rather just be extra careful - for free. :)
  11. HANDeBand

    HANDeBand New Member

    As a newcomer to the mobile device hand/finger grip space, we're really excited about the foundation that folks like Flygrip, Handable, and ThingSling have laid for this new product category/segment.

    At HANDeBand, we've addressed the same challenge as our colleagues have, however, we've attempted to bring other dimensions to table including:
    • Flexible Bands - made from super comfortable, soft gloss rubberized urethane or "tactical" TPR. They gently, but securely open to accommodate different finger sizes, and snap back to form every time. We also have three different sizes
    • 360 degree rotation x 360 degree pivoting - allowing for each individual to find the perfect position for themselves
    • Quick detach - Allowing for easy pocket placement, when needed
    • Kickstand - Vertical or horizontal (similar to Flygrip)
    • Universal interchangeability - Any size / color band will fit on our Universal Base Fastening disk. More coming here soon.
    • Value 2-pack - One for your phone, one for your eReader/Tablet. Retail: $28.95 for the 2-pack.
    • 100% "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee. Pre-paid return shipping label. Free replacement adhesive.

    When our bands are attached, our form factor is slightly shorter than Flygrip when it's open. We definitely like the collapse-ability that Flygrip brings to the table, and while we did not design our generation 1 bands to collapse, we did make them detachable for those looking for the streamlined pocket-ability.

    We look forward to working with our colleagues at Flygrip, ThingSling, Handable, and the other folks in the market space to help people truly unleash the power of their handheld devices and fully enjoy the new freedom that comes from not having to actually *hold* your phone/device when using it.

    Thanks for listening. Free free to stop by our website and email us if you have any questions!

    Kelly, HANDeBand CS
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  12. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    So far the Thing Sling and FlyGrip look the best to me for the fact that you can hold the device at the fingertips, especially for using something like a Note 2. They are also collapsible. For tablets I'd be interested in trying the Bunker Ring, or maybe the larger Thing Sling.

    I really think the Fly Grip should be cheaper though, and not sell for what the market will bear. In my case it's just too much. It comes with a case, but I'd rather choose my own case. Hopefully the Thing Sling will do what I need.
  13. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    I like the low profile of the Sling Thing. "Should" fit in my pocket without issues. The thinner the better IMO.
  14. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Sling thing arrived this evening. It is thinner than I had imagined which is good. I don't think it will be obtrusive at all when you put the phone in your pocket. No moving parts or hinges. The strap is nice an firm and should hold the phone to your fingers well; snug, but not tight. The width of the strap pocket should allow you to adjust the rotation of the phone for the best fit.
    It will definitely fit in the air gap between the ProClip car mount and the back of the phone, sweet. Now I just need my VZW Note 2 and the media dock so I can measure how high it needs to be to clear the back of the media dock rest.

    Haven't used it, but seems well designed, not flimsy, low profile, not obtrusive so no one will look at it and go what the heck is that.
  15. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    Why would anyone put something so ugly onto the phone?
  16. dyh

    dyh Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks for the update. So you think the device will be stable and one-handed operation will work well when holding the Thing Sling at the fingertips, even with the size and weight of the Note 2?

    Personally I could care less how my cell phone looks (within reason of course ;); function over form as far as I'm concerned!
  17. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Ugly is so completely subjective.
    However, the Sling Thing is the less "strange/out of place" looking one.
    I'll let you know if it holds the phone securely or not. I don't get the verizon phone till 27Nov.
  18. HandAble

    HandAble New Member

    One other important point... Aside from your ability to maneuver your hand to any position with HandAble, one other feature not found in other phone holders is HandAble's color interchangeability. We've designed the colored "button" to be swapped out easily to suit your mood.
  19. hardyintl

    hardyintl Member

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for all the great feedback and input! We really are just business noobs trying to do it right. Deliver a great product (ethically) and take good care of our customers.

    We had such a great response, we've decided to extend the 40% off coupon for forum participants. Go to this secret page to get the deal: http://www.thingsling.com/friends/. Valid until Friday midnight.

    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels out there!
  20. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    My SlingThing does NOT say "Sling_Sling" on the back like some photos show. Thank you. You might want to offer that choice to customers. As much as I "think" I'm going to like your product, I don't like advertizing it. I.e. dealer sticker and license plate frames are the 1st to go on all my cars. I don't do bumper stickers and If I have anything to do about it, my phone will not have Verizon across the home button for long.
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  21. hardyintl

    hardyintl Member

    Hi Serpa!

    We totally agree. We're currently reworking our website and plan to include this option soon.

    Thank you :)
  22. ThelVlaster

    ThelVlaster Active Member

    Flygrip just came in the mail today - I have to wait another 10 days before I can slap it on my Verizon Note 2, but I will answer back with my results.

    I'm a little worried about how the Flygrip will work in conjunction with one of those fancy Flip covers (such as this one: Samsung Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 2 - Android Flip-Lid Cases - ShopAndroid), but since the Flygrip comes with a case, i do have a backup plan
  23. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    I guess it would depend on if you use the cover dangling or folded behind the phone. I think it might make the cover lift up quite a bit when folded behind the phone. The mounting the flygrip further away from the cover hinge will make it better.
  24. ThelVlaster

    ThelVlaster Active Member

    Thanks that's a good point. To be honest I've never had a flip cover like this so I'm not sure how I'll use. I'm right handed so it should work out if I just let the cover dangle, but I wonder how difficult it will be to put my left hand through the flygrip, when I want to use the stylus with my right.

    Only one way to find out.
  25. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Well, you can use the fly in the left hand, but the cover will rest across you palm/forearm. The concern would be how stiff the cover is. If it's really molded to close, then when laying across your palm/forearm, it will want to close itself. That could be frustrating. Keep everyone informed.

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