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  1. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    I am trying to rip a dvd to my galaxy s2. I have tried many many different settings and none have worked. I am looking for the setting to put a dvd onto the s2 from handbrake. It just keeps saying unsupported file type. I have tried the videos on stock as well as qqplayer, mobo player and rockplayer and nothing has worked.
    Id appreciate any tips

  2. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    which format have u set handbrake to output :) if u've got the other settings right (i think u need to just slightly modify the ipod touch preset on handbrake) try the mp4 type
  3. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    I have tried using mp4 output with the iPhone/iPod Touch preset. Can anyone tell me how they specifically succeeded?
  4. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    That worked fine for me, all my videos are iphone format with mp4 handle instead of that mkv crap or whatever it is. is slight audio lag at times, but don't know if that is the phone or the preset.
  5. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    Wilfmoralee which preset do you use and what settings do you change under said preset? also which video player do you use on android?
  6. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    I use iPhone settings, but in the main settings menu switch off 'use itunes friendly extension. This should then name your output as *.mp4. if not no panic, just once coded F2 the file and change extension to mp4 and it still works fine. Transfer over using Androexplorer so no Windows conversion done or sugested, and plays fine through the stock Gallery app.
  7. ziggyball

    ziggyball Member

    Check out the lip sync issue here:
    It seems the problem is most clearly demonstrated with h264 streams in mp4 containers (which is the iphone profile you're using!)
    Things are okay with h264 in mkv (xvid in mp4 also seems okay).

    So I would recomend:
    800 x 480 (I trim the picture, so it's full-screen)
    mkv container
    h264 video (any bit rate around 1000kbs)
    aac audio (any bit rate around 100kbs)

    The cool thing about the phone is it works really well with:
    1280x720, mkv container, h264 high profile with AC3 audio
    Which means you can use a single file for phone/HTPC/TV/computer too :)
  8. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    Thank you guys very much for the tips and all I need now is help from wolfmoralee on how to transfer using androxplorer. How do I transfer the file to my phone so it will play? I bought androxplorer
  9. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    I use "DVD Catalyst 4" , it can also convert download movie`s, it has over 1000 profiles and has a few for the S2 with different quality setting, and it`s only $9.95 and i think you can download a trial version to check it out.

    I have no connection to the company, it`s just a great price when lots of other software is very expensive.
  10. ziggyball

    ziggyball Member

    it has to be pretty good cos handbrake is free ;)
    I think the important thing to note is unlike other phones the sgs2 is hugely forgiving of the video formats.. so unless you try interlaced/mpeg video it seems to play fine :)
    The only problem I have with handbrake is the edit/cut capabilities..
  11. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    Is there a specific way to transfer the mp4 to the sd card? What I have been doing is physically putting the microsd into the computer and copy and pasting but is that the way it works?
  12. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Thats a lot of wear on you sdcard slot and backcover , why dont you connect you S2 to your notebook and just drop the mp4 on the external sd card , make a directory called movies.

  13. michaelamici

    michaelamici Member

    Yeah Ive done that before but I was just making sure that there was no specific way to transfer the mp4. I have had no luck at all I am looking to blame anything lol.
  14. ziggyball

    ziggyball Member

    Yes, putting it directly on the SD-card will work fine.

    The only 'weird' thing to remember is that the Kies software wants to 're-encode' seemingly *anything* you drag onto the phone over usb.
    So you can just say 'no' to that question when it asks.

    Alternatively you can connect the phone in 'vanilla' usb mode by going to settings->Wireless and network->USB utilites
    This connects the phone as a standard usb drive without the Kies 'helpfulness' ;-)

    Also, if you check my posts I avoid mp4 as it seems to cause lip sync issues

    One final thing.... Occasionally I will get unsupported file format from the media player and nothing fixes it until a reboot - after that the file plays perfectly.
    So your phone might just need a reboot! :)
  15. barneystinson

    barneystinson New Member

    There may be better ways to do it but this worked for me:

    1) Use dvd decrypter or dvdfab to decrypt the dvd.
    2) use dvd folder option as source.
    3) for presets, select ipod legacy option
    4) select mp4 file and web optimized. uncheck ipod 5g support.
    5) for video setting, uncheck aspect ratio and use 720x480
    6)Video codec H.264
    7) Framerate: same as source
    8) avg bit rate: 1500
    9) audio: AAC
    10) mixdown: auto
    11) sample rate:48
    12) bit rate: 160
    13) go to preset menu, select new preset, enter preset namethen add
    14) Go back to presets then select the preset name that you assigned
    15) Just click start to proceed.

  16. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    will there ever be a software invention that for layman like me ..i can easily rip a dvd and transfer over?
    i read through these threads and cannot get half way thru. i get completely lost. i dont want to screw up my phone.

    do you think there will ever be a software or app that does all this for you and in a couple clicks has your movie transferred over?

    i get it..that all the techie people love this stuff. i love my gs2 but want an itunes type experience buying a movie or transferring over. the market even for movies ...is just for rent...and i dont want to pay that much money to rent. i would pay a bit more to own.
    should i not be allowed in an easy way to take movies i own and rip them to another device to watch?

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