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  1. trancehead

    trancehead Active Member

    I have just installed this but everytime i get a message i get 2 alerts at the top, one from hancent & one from the built in messaging app.

    Is there any way i can set it so it only uses handcent and not the original one?

  2. 1500cc

    1500cc Well-Known Member

    Yep, just go into the standard app and turn off notifications there; then only the Handcent notifications will appear.
  3. Evil Genius

    Evil Genius Well-Known Member

    in stock (standard) SMS app:

    menu > settings > received notification (uncheck this box)
  4. trancehead

    trancehead Active Member

    Thanks guys thats sorted it, so does the standard messaging app still recieve messages? (i have turned auto retrieve off)
  5. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Turn auto-retrieve back on!

    handcent is just a view, think of it as a gui on top of the normal messages app. The messages app still handles everything message related, but handcent is just a different view of that data.

    All you need to turn off from the default app is the notifications, dont change anything else
  6. StevenSeed

    StevenSeed Well-Known Member

    Slightly off topic, but GO SMS (which is what I use) claim their app works independently of the stock SMS app, and also is not subject to the "text to wrong person" bug. Is this true?

    (I wouldn't know as I'm not rooted, and am therefore unable to remove the stock SMS app). :confused:

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