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  1. thebeerholder

    thebeerholder Member

    There are two people that text me that some how send me double texts every single time.. The first message will have a signature, and the second one does not. Neither of them say they even have a signature.. And this never happened on my old phone. Any ideas what would be causing this? I guess I'm the only person they text who has this problem, so it has to be something with my phone.. But it just started happening..

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  2. Bionic Chronic

    Bionic Chronic Well-Known Member

    That is a good question. Though I haven't seen it happen lately, I had the same issue. I would receive double pic messages from a couple of people. And also would send the pics twice. but seems like it fixed itself the next day. or maybe in an update? Not sure how though.
  3. bubbaconcarne

    bubbaconcarne New Member

    You're not alone. This issue was happening even before I rooted. It only happens with certain people and I notice that it's the callback number. I also noticed that the duplicate message is in the stock messaging app, as well. I had an Optimus S on my Boost account before and didn't have this issue. Also, in the conversation list my sent messages don't show right away. There's a series of ones and zeroes until it refreshes or something.
  4. JBizzleATL

    JBizzleATL Active Member

    Contact Handcent they know about this issue on the Marquee, they are pretty good at getting back to you on this issue they gave me a ver that stopped this issue I contacted them directly and got with them and they sent me a email with a link with a version that fixed this issue but I did not save it and can not remember where it is or the email is but they will fix it! Contact them thru google play!!

    Hope this helps :rolleyes:

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